Ipsos Rewards – Earn Money with Surveys

Updating September 27, 2020 – Personally recently, I was chosen to do a Credit Union Banking Review, and for doing so, I was rewarded with a $10.00 Amazon Gift Card ( Electronic) 

Right Now, Ipsos Canada is on the hunt for age and sex demographic

  • If you are a male over the age of 35
  • If you are a female over the age of 40

You can still join even if you’re not in this age group – but if you are – You will get more surveys than if not.

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What is Ipsos, I Say:

Ipsos is one of the largest research firms worldwide. The company was formed back in the 1970s. So it’s over 40 years old – It’s not going anywhere.

All You need to do is register on the website and take an extensive survey so they can get to know you better and send you more surveys to earn points.

Once you earn enough points, you can redeem them for rewards.

Ipsos Canada - Get Rewards for Surveys | ipsos rewards

How do you earn Points with Ipsos?

As I mentioned earlier, depending on the information you provide in the registration process, they will begin sending you emails that you qualify for.  Or you can choose to log in and see which surveys you can participate in.

The Surveys you do participate in will qualify you to earn 40-90 points each.

Redeem your points:

You can opt to redeem your points for either cash via a Paypal account once you have 1000 points.  1000 Points generally means you will get $10.00 in cash.  You may have to wait a few weeks for processing.

Every 100 points will earn you approximately $1.00

  • Cash in for “Virtual Prizes”
  • Get a Starbucks Card for $5.00
  • Get a $10 Amazon Gift Card
  • Get a Prepaid $20.00 Visa with 2000 points

and More. …

 Paid Surveys Option

This is the best way to earn rewards. What you earn will depend on the number of surveys you qualify for in a single day.  You can earn Up to $2.00 for each study (In point value)

Bonus in Loyalty

The surveys you participate in, the more rewards you will get. For example, if you complete five surveys, they may give you a bonus of 25 points for completion.

There are Member-only contests you can participate in as well.  The Poll Predictor:
which you will get an invitation to play after each survey you have completed.  You will get the chance to predict the percentage of people who will pick a “yes” option.  For each Poll Predictor you participate in, you will get a chance to win prizes.

Invite Friends:

You can earn additional points for inviting your friends to join.

Ipsos Canada - Get Rewards for Surveys | ipsos rewards

Is Ipsos, I say, legitimate?

Yes, They are Legitimate  – They have been around for 40+ years and still in business. There are some complaints out there about not having enough surveys to qualify for, and other complaints about techy issues.

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