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Laughing cow cheese dippers are perfect for your next party or get-together. They’re made with real, creamy cheese, come in a convenient tub, and are easy to serve.

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  • Save $3.00 off  The Laughing Cow® cheese AND Vinta crackers

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Prices of Laughing Cow products in Canada


Walmart Canada – Ontario Prices

  • Laughing Cow cheese dippers $3.97 regular price found on sale for $2.97
  • Laughing Cow Spreadable Cheese $3.19 16  portions regular price
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    Laughing Cow Canada Original Cheese

    About Laughing Cow Brand

    It all began back in France in 1865 when a man from France started a small cheese business.

    The OX as its Mascot

    The Laughing Ox was from a drawing contest that one of the owner’s sons created, and it inspired the logo.

    After the War, he returned to the cheese business and created a new company as we know it today.

    Today the Laughing Cow is in more than 120 countries and is now in Quebec!

    See all the products The Laughing Cow has to offer on their website.