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Discounts, Deals, And Savings

Giant Tiger is the place to shop if you are looking for discounts. Whether it be clothing, groceries, and everything in between you are sure to find what you are looking for here. Not only will you find it, but you will also be happy with the amount of money you will save as well.

This company was founded in Ottawa in 1961 and has grown into a business that many people trust to offer the lowest price. There are currently over 200 stores in Canada and growing. The first ever franchised store opened its doors in Quebec.

The Giant Tiger brand also supports more than 700 local associations with monetary funds. Two million in fact in the year 2011. Now that’s impressive.

In 1987 the people of Canada were introduced to Tiger Trucking. The big truck with the yellow logo could be seen going from the warehouse to many stores, stocking up on the merchandise that people wanted.

In 2001 they expanded into Western Canada. Let’s just say that the people on the West Coast of Canada were for the most part overjoyed that this company decided to set up shop in their neck of the woods. They could now take advantage of all the sweet deals that the other people in Canada had been enjoying in previous years.

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  1. Would go Great with my 1930’s – 50’s Red and White Kitchen Decor. Hard to find Red


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