Moms, the time has come for you to save $2.00 on diaper rash cream from Boudreaux Canada!

Whether your baby is experiencing diaper rash or not, it’s always good to have some fantastic product on hand so that you can be prepared when they need it.

This post will tell you where and how much. It also includes coupons for moms who want to purchase this great product. Get ready because we’re talking about diaper rash cream and Boudreaux Canada.

How to apply the paste for diaper rash

Clean and dry your baby’s bottom before applying the ointment. Apply a thin layer of cream to the irritated skin only. Do not put on normal, healthy skin or apply it inside your baby’s diaper area. You can also use Boudreaux’s paste as a preventative measure by applying it to your baby’s bottom at every diaper change.

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste Coupon

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    Where to Purchase Boudreaux paste in Canada?

    • Walmart Canada
    • Toys R Us Canada
    • Babies R Us Canada

    What Can Boudreaux’s Canada Butt Paste be used for?

    Diaper rash cream will soothe the skin when used on the skin and help reduce any red or itchy rashes. It can also minimize razor bumps by moisturizing the skin and reducing irritation. The cream keeps the skin cells hydrated, which reduces itching, flaking and irritation of freshly shaved skin.

    Does diaper rash cream prevent sunburn?

    Some zinc oxide formulations may be more suitable for sun protection than others, and zinc oxide diaper rash creams may not provide adequate UV protection when used as sunscreen. And do you want to smell like butt paste? No!


    Created back in the 1970s, The Butt Paste has been around for a while. A dad started it with guidance from a Pharmacist!