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Sign up for Similac Club, and you will receive free samples and Similac coupons for future purchases of Similac Products valued at $200.00. Some people have had problems receiving their packages. Some have had tremendous success by calling in to see what happened to their package.

If this is you, perhaps call them at 1-800-670-7878 to know when you could expect your package.

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  • Free Sample of Similac Product
  • Similac Rebate Cheques
  • Information on Breastfeeding and Formula Feeding.

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    Amazon Baby Registry

    Get More Coupons

    1. According to some new moms in previous years, they have managed to get Similac coupons as part of their Amazon baby registry. But there’s no way to confirm this for this year.
    2. Check Weekly on Cash Back offers – From time to time, you can find cashback offers with Checkout51 or partner up with a specific grocery store cash back with Websaver digital coupons.
    3. Ask your doctor’s office or Health practitioner  – sometimes, they can access to free formulas and Similac cheques through their partnerships with Similac.
    4. Purchase coupons and cheques on Kijiji or eBay

    Similac Mom Product

    Saving More with Similac

    Upon arriving at your Similac Club package, look at your cheques and other similar coupons you received, and double-check the expiry date. To be sure, you use the coupons. If you end up not using them – make sure you give them to a person who can save money on formula or toddler food.

    Check all your local flyer deals in your neighbourhood, and always browse the clearance items for formulas that may expire soon.

    How many Similac coupons can I use?

    You can only use one coupon per Similac Item. For example, you can use two coupons if you have two tubs of formula powder.