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Ocean Spray Craisens Coupon



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It’s that time of year of the fall! Dried Cranberries is a great treat! There is no better taste than savings with an Ocean Spray Coupon.

Thanksgiving dishes usually include cranberries in a sauce or as a side, but with dried cranberries, you can either eat them like raisins, or add these dried cranberries into your stuffing, or other fall treats.

Ocean Spray Coupon

  • Save $1.00 When you purchase two bags of Ocean Spray Craisins

Available in Print Format Only

Two Prints per Person

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While Coupon Quantities last



Ocean Spray Craisins Prices in Canada

pricing sale

I could only find prices on this brand at the Real Canadian Super Store.

Real Canadian Superstore

Ocean SprayCraisins 170 g $2.98ea ( regular)

Craisins, Original 340 g $3.98 ( regular)

About the Brand:

Ocean Spray has over 700 growers throughout the USA and even in British Columbia Canada, and a few in Chili.

The brand specializes in everything cranberry including cranberry sauce, juice, fruit snacks and obviously dried cranberries.


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Ocean Spray Craisens Coupon


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