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Vachon Snacks

Have you tried Vachon Snacks yet? There are quite a few different soft snacks similar to cakes, now is your chance to double up and get a great bargain with this Vachon Coupon

Vachon Coupons

Valid till January 10, 2021


Vachon Prices Across Canada

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Walmart Canada 

  • Vachon® Jos Louis® The Original Cakes | 324 g$3.47 or 2 for $5
  • VACHON® ½ Moon, Fluffy Vanilla Cakes $3.47  or 2 for $5.00
  • Vachon® Ah Caramel® The Original Cakes $3.67 or 2 for $5.00
  • Vachon® Passion Flakie® Apple-Raspberry Flaky Pastries $3.47
    VACHON® The Original May West Cream-filled Sponge CakesGrocery item$3.47
  • VACHON® Jelly Log™ Rolled Sponge Cakes with Jelly and Cream  $3.77
  • Vachon Mille Feuilles Flaky Pastries | 291 g(19) $3.77

Real Canadian Superstore:

  • VachonJelly Logs 288 g $3.77ea
  • Vachon Ah Caramel! Original 336 g $3.77ea
  • VachonPassion Flakie Pastries, Apple-Raspberry $3.77ea
  • Vachon1/2 Moon Vanilla 6 Cakes $3.68ea