Vachon Winning Box Contest: Win $2000 Cash or FREE Vachon Products (Instant Win)

New Vachon Contest -Instant Win!

Vachon “Winning box” Contest

Enter for a chance to Win $2000 Cash or FREE Vachon Products & More.


  • 10 packaging prizes, each consisting of $2,000 awarded in the form of a cheque payable to the winner.
  • Online secondary prizes:
  • 25 prizes of $100, awarded in the form of a cheque payable to the winner
  • and 2,033 Vachon product coupons (approx. Retail value: $3.69 each)

To enter, you need to enter a unique PIN code from a Participating Product. But don`t worry, if you do not have a PIN code, you can mail in for a Participating Product for free. (See rules for details)

You can also play the Bonus Pinata Game, where you can win coupons for Vachon products.

Good Luck.


  • Residents of Canada Only
  • Quebec Friendly
  • Age of Majority
  • Multiple Entry

Enter to Win Here

This Vachon Contest Ends February 1, 2019


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Vachon Snacks

From rolls and pastries to specialty snacks, you are sure to find a product that you absolutely love here at Vachon.

Chocolate Swiss Rolls; these are to die for. That chocolate cake rolled around a white creamy filling, then dipped in a light cover of chocolate. Delicious!!

Maple Logs; one of my husband’s ultimate favorite snacks. These have a maple outside wrapped around a creamy filling but are sprinkled with coconut.

Jelly Logs; okay people, here is another hit. Sponge cake filled with cream and jelly and rolled in coconut.

Flake Bars – this product has been around for years. There is just something about that first bite of a Passion Flakie Bar that is special. Maybe it’s the texture, taste, or the airy flavor feMelt-in-your-mouthouth goodness right there.





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