The Vachon Market Rewards Program is a platform designed for true Vachon Lovers. Free Swag may be on its way to you!

What’s your favourite Vachon treat?

If you love Branded Swag – you might enjoy getting some free clothing such as Vachon Swag.

Its free swag and sweet desserts sound like you are maybe a perfect fit for the Vachon Market.

Sign up for a free account today and participate for your chance to earn and redeem joy bucks which can turn into FREE Swag and Free Products

How to Earn Joy Bucks with Vachon Market Program

Earning Joy Bucks is easy! Get 20 joy bucks just for signing up! You’ll be on your way to FREE Swag in no time.

Earn More Joy Bucks by uploading grocery receipts with proof of purchase, playing games and completing wacky challenges! Check Back Daily, as there are ways to earn Vachon joy bucks daily.

How to Earn Joybucks

Play games and do challenges to earn Joybucks.

  • Sign up (20 Joybucks)
  • Buy Vachon Products and Scan your Receipt (50 Points)
  • Play Easy Games -Spin the Wheel (10 Points)
  • Trivia question (10 Points)
  • Take Daily Questions (10 Points)
  • Weekly Survey (50 Points)
  • Invite Friends (10 Points)
  • Log into the market 7 days in a row (70 Points)

Joy Buck Rewards

  • Sticker Sheets
  • Temporary Tattoos
  • Tote Bag
  • Free Products
  • Vachon Socks
  • Vachon branded T-shirts
  • Hat

Keep in mind that the quantities of rewards are strictly limited. As a result, the sooner you earn, the sooner you can collect the prize you’ve waited for.

Vachon Market Contest

Another perk of being a part of the Vachon Market is access to exclusive Vachon contests.

To celebrate the launch of The Vachon Market, weekly giveaways are being held, and over 270 prizes are available to be won.

Also, Remember to Check Weekly for New Prizes to be won in their Weekly contests.

  • socks
  • box of Vachon cakes

Join the Vachon Market Here and have fun!!!

Vachon Snacks

Vachon was owned by Saputo Inc. between 1999 and 2015 and has been owned by Canada Bread since 2015.

From rolls and pastries to specialty snacks, you will find a product you love at Vachon.

I remember eating them when I was a kid, they have been around for many, many years, and I still love them to this day. I LOVE the Ah! Caramels! Which one is your favourite??