Disney Movie Lovers! The Disney Movie Club is available to Canadians. If you love or collect Disney movies as much as In-Laws and friends, This offer may be up your Alley! You might appreciate this being posted.

The following offer is for people who have not joined yet and would like to start the Paid Membership.

  • New members can get 4 Disney Movies for Just $1.00; the USA delivered to Canada.  It’s not a Canadian Promotion but is available to Canadian residents for the same price except the exchange rate.

Shipping and processing are $3.95 for the first title in each shipment and $1.49 for each additional title ( USA prices)

Only residents of the United States and its territories and Canada can be Members of the Club.

How It Works Disney Movie Club

  1. Purchase 4 movies Today for only $1.00 and also get FREE shipping when you join the Disney Movie Club
  2. As a member, you will have to agree to purchase 5 more titles at a regular price.
  3. Every month, you will get Disney DVDs offers, Including the latest Disney movie feature title.

The Disney Movie Club is great for those people who want to have a whole Disney Movie Collection physically.

  – The Promotion 

Stream Disney Movies!

Disney movie Plus Canada

If you don’t want physical Movies in fear of the movies becoming obsolete, or perhaps you don’t want the access clutter!

Join the Disney Movie Club Plus Online

Stream all the Disney Movies all day, all night!

Choose from $11.99 (USA) Per Month

Or Purchase for a year for $119.99 (USA) a Year.

Click Here to Join

The Catch to the Disney Movie Club Canada

You will need to commit to purchasing 5 Disney Movies at a regular price within the next 24 months.  Regular Club prices start at just $19.95 per movie.

What Kind Of Movies?

Disney Movie Club members get a selection of Disney DVDs such as  Classics, Pixar, recent releases, Marvel, Starwars and more. All movie titles during the sign-up process are available on DVD or Blu-ray. Members are available to purchase movies in 4K Ultra HD.

The Fine Details

Throughout the year, you will receive an email or mailer on file ( Approximately every 4 weeks)  Indicating the Featured Title Offer; You will need to either Decline the Featured title within 10 days or be sent the Movie to be obligated to pay for it.

Getting the VIP Disney Movie Rockstar

After you have fulfilled your movie commitment, you will become a VIP member, where you will be eligible to get special discounts, online deals and Free Collectible pins with purchases.

How to Reach Disney Movie Club

Call 1-888-257-9100 ( Disney Movie Club) to talk to a representative