I love finding recipes I can make for free or next to free.   My daughter is a big snacker, so I especially love seeing healthier snack recipes for her!

This Nutella Yogurt Dip was just one of those recipes!  The yogurt & Nutella both were free ~ the yogurt I received a free product coupon in the mail & the Nutella was given to me! Yay for free food!! This recipe only cost me the price of the powdered sugar & the apple slices to make!!


That’s a perfect afternoon snack for me! 🙂

Nutella yogurt Dip


This recipe is not only delicious but easy to make.

Yogurt and Nutella together almost have a pudding-like texture. They taste more indulgent than they are.

Yogurt has a creamy texture, and Nutella also has a creamy texture. Also, both are smooth but dense. The mixture of yogurt and Nutella does not clash since they both have neutral flavours and can go well with so many assorted items.

Yogurt and Nutella’s flavours do not clash either since they both have neutral flavours that go well with anything else.


Why this is surprising

Most people think Nutella is a bit too sweet enough; however, it begins to balance itself out with some yogurt.

You don’t even have to make it for the kids; it can go well as a quick appetizer at a get-together or taken as a hostess gift.

Mix the dip and serve with any more solid fruit such as apples, pineapples, canteloupe, strawberries,



  • 1/2 cup Nutella
  • One container (5.3 ounces) of vanilla yogurt ~ I used Liberte
  • 1/4 cup icing (powdered)  sugar


Mix all of the ingredients in a medium bowl until well blended, ensuring there aren’t any clumps.

Serve with your favourite fruit slices, graham crackers or other favourite dippers.


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