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Astro Yogurt Coupons for Canada 2020.

Currently, there is no actual coupon to download or request in physical form. This year 2020, Astro Yogurt has moved over to Checkout51 to give you Cash Rebates via the Application. Which is okay as well. Right now you can save anywhere from $0.75 to $1.50 depending on this week’s offer.

If you are not familiar with Checkout 51 Cash Back System click Here for more information.

Savings Expired?

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Other Astro Coupons

There are various tear pad coupons found in your local grocery stores as well for this yogurt Product. Also watch for specially marked packages, as in the past they have put coupons on or in products.

Other Astro Yogurt Brands:

Original, Bio Best, Zero, fruit n smoothy, and Kik


All Astro products are made to taste exceptional without compromising quality. For over 30 years, they have been providing great-tasting products in Canada.


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Canadian Consumers chose the original Greek as the Best New Yogurt Product


Consumer Relations Department – Parmalat Canada
405 The West Mall
10th Floor
Toronto, Ontario
M9C 5J1

About Parmalat Canada:

With over 120 years of brand, Parmalat Canada produces milk and dairy products, fruit juices, cultured products, cheese products, and table spreads with such respected brands as Beatrice, Lactantia, Black Diamond, and Balderson.

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  1. This is for KEFIR not yogurt. I could only find 2 flavored kefir: pomegranate and orange I think.

  2. I love Astro Cappuccino and Coconut flavours but they are extremely hard to find. Most local grocery stores stock the five popular flavours, i.e. strawberry, blueberry, peach, vanilla and raspberry. I’ve found my favs in Food Basics but only on a rare occasion. Where can I buy this product in the West end of Toronto?

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