Siggi’s Yogurt Canada

Are you trying to save money on yogurt? If so, you should check out Siggi’s coupons! Siggi’s is an excellent brand of yogurt that is high in protein and low in sugar. Plus, their products are organic and GMO-free. You can find Siggi’s coupons online or in some cashback apps. So, be sure to take advantage of these significant savings!

Discover Siggi’s Yogurt in Canada! Check out your favourite grocery store refrigerator section for Siggi’s yogurt. Less sugar and simple ingredients are what Siggi’s yogurt is all about!

New Siggi’s Yogurt Coupon

  • Save $2.00 when you purchase 2 Siggi’s Yogurt when you Purchase at Walmart Canada

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Another Siggis Coupon is Below:

Siggis yogurt coupon for Canada

Another Siggis Coupon is Below:

  • Save $1.00 on the purchase of 2 SIGGI’s Yogurt products

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This Coupon Expiry Date is unknown.

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    Price of Siggi’s Yogurt in Canada

    pricing sale

    Real Canadian Superstore

    • Siggi’s Yogurt, Plain 500 g $4.48 ea ( Regular)
    • Skyr Strawberry, 2% M.F. 4x110g $4.48ea ( Regular)

    Siggi’s Company

    Siggi’s yogurt company is an American company. They claim to have less sugar and Simple Ingredients!

    The claim is the following:

    • milk from grass-fed cows
    • no aspartame
    • no sucralose
    • no gelatin
    • no artificial colourings
    • no preservatives
    • no high fructose corn syrup
    • non-GMO verified

    What is Icelandic-style skyr?

    It’s a traditional yogurt recipe idea from Iceland that has been made for hundreds of a year. It is strained, non-fat yogurt. It takes 4 x the milk to produce this type of yogurt compared to your regular yogurt.