Litehouse’s OPA Greek Yogurt Dressing was named Dressing of the Year by the Association for Dressings and Sauces (ADS) at the ADS Annual Meeting held October 11 to 13 in Naples. Litehouse Foods launched OPA by Litehouse to rave reviews. In just one year on the market, the top-selling salad dressing has achieved over 50 ACV in 47 of the top 64 IRI markets and already represents 21% of the salad dressing category chilled with yogurt.

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    Opa Greek Yogurt Dressing

    This brand of salad dressing comes from Litehouse Foods. This latest product is all the rage right now.

    It comes in these delicious varieties for your enjoyment;

    •  Blue Cheese, Ranch, Caesar, Feta Dill

    What I love about this product is the package. It comes in convenient 11-ounce glass jars. They look so different from the other salad dressings that you must pay attention.

    The love doesn’t stop there. The taste is second to none. These became available in August and have grown so much in popularity over the last little while.

    Customers prefer glass jars, and the dressing is geared toward health-conscious people. It contains low fat and high protein but still tastes great, just what we are looking for in a good salad dressing.

    No trans fat, preservatives, or artificial flavours will be found in any OPA salad dressing. This is huge. You still get the creamy, high-fattest WITHOUT the high-fat content. Feel like you are indulging, but you are not. What better way to trick your mind into thinking it is a higher-fat meal when it is not?

    A huge thank you to this brand for enabling us health-conscious people to enjoy our food like they were intended to.