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    About & History of Dempsters Bread

    Dempster is a bakery product brand owned by Maple Leaf. Did you know that Maple Leaf owns 90% of the bread made in Canada? Dempsters has tons of baked goods products:

    • Body Wise – weight management baked product line
    • Oven Fresh – bread meant to pop in the oven
    • Deluxe – Larger buns for sausages/hot dogs/Hamburgers
    • New York, New York – Bagel Line
    • Wise Bread – Enjoy the Taste of White Bread but nutritious as Whole Wheat

    Dempsters Bread is made with 100% Canadian Whole Wheat. Wise Man is Dempster’s Logo for their Smart Bread Line. He has a blue cap and is a sandwich with a face.

    Lunch Box Moms

    If you’re a mom looking for creative Sandwich and lunch box Ideas, Dempsters now has a place for recipes submitted by moms like you. So, if you need new ideas for those lunches for your school-aged child, try Lunch Box Ideas.

    Canada’s Dempster’s Bakery offers far more than you might expect from a bakery. Owned by Maple Leaf, Dempster’s is part of a company that provides over 90% of the Bread in Canada. When you hear “bakery,” you probably think of all kinds of sweet treats: rolls, cupcakes, cakes, and other things. While Dempster’s certainly can provide those things, this company has answered the public’s call for healthier foods.

    Do you prefer freshly baked bread? Oven Fresh bread can be cooked in your kitchen. If you are watching your weight, look Body-wise. If you like the taste of white food, try Smart Bread. It tastes like white bread but has a nutritional value compared to Wheat. Dempster’s even has a gluten-free bread called Gluten Zero, certified by the Gluten-Free Certification Program (GFCP). When you want the best Bread in Canada, Dempster’s has a version you will love!