New Dempsters Canada Contest

“Your Perfect Match Votre Match Parfait” CONTEST

Now is your chance to WIN FREE Groceries for  a year -a value of up to $10,000 or secondary prizes of $500 gift cards!

Dempsters Canada Contest Prizes:

Grand Prizes:

  • There are three (3) Grand Prizes to be won consisting of $5,000 grocery gift cards with an opportunity to receive up to an additional $5,000 in gift cards as follows: The first valid UPC selected will result in a gift card with a value of $5,000. For each different additional valid UPC submitted by the entrant, $1,000 is added to the total amount, of up to a maximum of $10,000 each.

Secondary Prizes:

  • There are twelve (12) Secondary Prizes available to be won. Each Secondary Prize consists of one grocery gift card of $500 each

How to Enter

Register at the link below.

To gain additional entries, there are many ways to get more entries:

  • enter UPC PRODUCT CODES of Dempster’s® sliced bread, tortillas or bagels, Ben’s® sliced bread, Sara Lee® Little BitesTM, Oroweat®, Stonemill®, Vachon® or WW. The same UPC code can be entered only once per day. Limit of twenty (20) different UPC CODES per day, per person and per email address.
  • Enter bonus promo codes found on social media or email. Limit of five (5) PROMOTIONAL CODES per person and per email address for the duration of the Contest Period.
  • Subscribe by email
  • complete the contest quiz
  • social sharing – facebook
  • invite your friends

Good Luck.

Dempsters Canada Contest Rules:

  • Open to British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Age of Majority
  • Daily Entry

Click Here to Enter 

This Dempsters Canada Contest Ends March 2, 2022

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Free Sample

    Dempsters Garden Vegetable Bread

    This product is all the latest rage with parents out there. You can now hide those terrifying veggies in bread that kids will eat!! Yay Dempsters!!

    Create delicious sandwiches, toast, or treats using the new Dempster Garden Vegetable Bread, and your kids will not even realize they are getting the nutrients from veggies because we all know how most kids feel about their veggies.

    Bagels And Wraps

    You can also purchase wraps and bagels, along with many other products that carry this name.

    If you are a bagel lover like me, here are some of the flavours you will find;

    • Original
    • Whole Grain
    • Everything Bagel(my least favourite)
    • Sesame Bagel
    • Thin Bagel
    • Blueberry Bagel
    • and more!

    These are perfect for a morning breakfast, afternoon snack, or anytime those hunger pains start to arise.

    Dempsters Tortillas

    Unfortunately, the new Dempster’s Tortillas can only be found in Western Canada. For those of you on the East Coast, I guess you will have to do without this wholesome goodness for a little while longer.

    Wrap those veggies and meat products in a delicious tortilla that the whole family will love.

    What I like about the wraps and tortillas is the fact that the kids get to choose what they add to their meal. I always tell them I want to see some colourful veggies with their meat. That way, they get to pick which vegetables they like and put aside the ones they don’t like.

    About Dempster’s

    Dempster's Logo - Dempsters Canada Contest

    Dempsters is a brand of bakery products owned by Maple Leaf. Did you know that Maple Leaf owns 90% of the bread made in Canada? Dempsters has tons of baked good products:

    • Body Wise – weight management baked product line
    • Oven Fresh – bread meant to pop in the oven
    • Deluxe – Larger buns for sausages/hot dogs/ Hamburger
    • New York New York – Bagel Line
    • Smart Bread – Enjoy the Taste of White Bread but nutritious as Whole Wheat

    Dempsters Bread is made with 100% Canadian Whole Wheat  Smart Man is Dempsters Logo for their Smart Bread Line. He has a blue cap and is a sandwich with a face.


    Depending on your individual needs, Dempster’s offers many different brands of products.

    • Oven Fresh
    • Body Wise
    • Deluxe
    • New York New York
    • Smart
    • Sunmaid
    • Whole Grains
    • Dempster’s Farmhouse

    and more!