Stonemill Bread Coupon for Canada 2023

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  • Save $1.50 off any Stonemill Artisan Oven Bread.

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    Stonemill Bakehouse

    This company, established over a century ago, continues producing the same delectable and all-natural bread that has captured our hearts. By utilizing organic whole grains and employing traditional stone milling techniques, they preserve the integrity of their bread. No additives or modifications are made, perhaps explaining why this bread has become a beloved staple for countless families. The bread is freshly baked every day, ensuring its exceptional quality. Notably, it contains no added sugar or preservatives and is entirely free of trans fats. Indulge in this delicious treat!

    There are 15 different types of bread available right now.


    Well-being pieces of bread – a wide range of bread is considered to aid your well-being. Some of them include;

    • Fibre and fruit
    • Omega 3
    • Sprouted Grains
    • Chia
    • Whole Grains
    • Organic Spelt
    • Heart Health
    • Body Balance
    • Calorie Control

    Healthy Indulgence – find varieties like Classic French, Multi-grain, Bavarian Rye, Italian Sesame, and Belgian Whole Wheat.

    Healthy Artisan Bread – these sound delicious. It’s so hard to believe they are also suitable for you.

    • 9 GRAIN
    • FLAX & HONEY