Do you love Villaggio Bread! It’s so soft, filled with carbs and is absolutely delicious! I have a huge soft spot for their buns. I love it when there are Villagio coupons to be found; s

It’s also a Cash Back offer from Go Coupons for all of Canada ( by the looks of it)

Villaggio Bread Coupon

  • Save $1 on the purchase of any Villaggio Artesano bread

Once you try, Artesano will be your go-to bread for any occasion!

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    Villaggio Prices in Canada



    Walmart Canada : (Ontario Priced)

    Villaggio bread varies is $2.97 per loaf ( Regular)


    Villaggio Bread Products:

    • Crostini Buns
    • Sausage Buns
    • Garlic Bread
    • Sliced Italian Bread

    Villaggio products are under the Dempsters Bread Umbrella.

    Where is Villaggio®’s bread made?
    Across several bakeries across Canada

    Where’s the best place to Store Bread?

    The best place to store your bread is on the counter until the best before a date or freeze it for up to two (2) months.  Just Remember Bread stored in the fridge tends to go stale faster.