Save with Gogo Squeeze Coupons. Discover GoGo SqueeZ; This product is about being healthy, nutritious, bright, and fun.

Begin Parents love it because it is made with all-natural ingredients and because our kids love to eat them and save money simultaneously.

If you are a parent, you know all too well about the daily struggles of picky eaters. Some days are good, others, well…not so much. Take the headache out of the battle with help from GoGo squeeZ.

GoGo Squeeze Coupon Savings

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  • Save $1.00 on any one (1) GoGo squeeZ 4-count carton (360 g)
  • Save $2.50 on any one (1) GoGo squeeZ® 12 count carton (1.08 kg)


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    GoGo squeeZ Prices in Canada

    Walmart Canada ( Ontario)

    • GoGo squeeZ 12 pouch is Regular $6.98 but can be found on Rollback for $5.98
    • GoGo squeeZ Squeezable 4 pack is regular $2.98

    Real Canadian Superstore  ( Western Canada)

    • Squeeze, Fruit Mix Variety 16 pack Regular $10.98 but on can be found on sale for as little as $7.98
    • SqueeZ Squeezable 4 pack is regular $3.28 but can be found in Multi for 4 for $12.00

    Go Go Squeeze

    Portable And Convenient

    These fruit snacks are perfect for on-the-go. With our busy lifestyles, it makes sense to bring food with you. GoGo squeeZ is a great way to ensure your child gets their daily nutritional needs. Our kids don’t follow a strict schedule; they eat when hungry. By packing a GoGo squeeZ snack in your bag while out and about, you’ll be ready to offer them a nutritious treat when they ask.

    GoGo squeeZ packaging

    The packaging of this product is designed to be bright, colourful and fun, and it is easy for little hands to hold. It is also highly durable, ensuring that leaks and spills are a thing of the past. Furthermore, the packaging has no sharp corners, eliminating the risk of painful accidents for your child. This attention to detail demonstrates that GoGo SqueeZ has considered everything to ensure your child’s comfort and peace of mind as a parent.