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What is Emtrix?  Emtrix is a treatment for Nail fungus.  Yes, not pretty, but we all want our nails to look beautiful and healthy, so if you think you may have a fungus starting on your nails ( toes or fingers), you can look at the brand Emtrix, found on Canadian Pharmacy shelves.  Start Savings!

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The coupon Expiry date is December 31, 2021

Pricing Tip:

Swiffer Product Pricing

Walmart Canada carries Emtrix for a regular price of $35.99.  Using the above coupon would give you approximately 15% savings at a regular price.

If you want optimum point offers – Real Canadian Superstore carries Emtrix treatment for $38.99 regular price.

And Currently, Amazon is NO Bargain at $54.99

Emtrix Treatment:

It may take three to six months to complete nail fungus treatment using Emtrix.  A healthy nail can take a year to replace the infected toenail.

Nail Fungus is often contagious.  Fungus thrives in damp environments and is easy to pick up when you attempt to go barefoot in public places such as showrooms locker rooms,  Don’t worry.  It’s okay and can be treated with several different types of products.

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