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Free Nutella Cookie Stamp Promotion

Purchase any specially marked jar of Nutella (725g or 1kg) and find a Cookie Stamp affixed to the lid/cap of the jar.

More Information on Promo ( Expired)

Promotion ends while Quantities last

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Nutella Cookies

When I see a jar of Nutella, I always thing Nutella Cookies. Moist and just plain delicious.

This recipe contains only four ingredients. I got this recipe from It takes only about 5 minutes to prepare, and the kids will love them!

Twelve minutes to bake;

See the recipe here.

Nutella Brand

This product is hazelnut chocolate spread that as many uses. Many people like to put it on toast in the morning for breakfast. It gives them a little extra boost of energy that they need to get through the day.

Nutella Breakfast Table

An online community where you can find recipes, share tips, and interact with others. It’s all about the importance of breakfast and how to incorporate Nutella into your breakfast.

Find an online weekly breakfast planner that will make life simpler.

Also, find Nutella on Facebook. Be sure to “like” their page to be kept up to date on all the latest happenings: unique member benefits, contests, even money-saving coupons.




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  1. I ordered 2 before Christmas and still haven’t seen them. Just wondering how long the delivery is truly taking?

  2. Gina,
    Just like our post states: Purchase any specially marked jar of Nutella (725g or 1kg) and locate the Promotion PIN code found on a sticker affixed to the lid/cap of the jar.
    It is a different code, NOT the UPC or Bar Code found on the outside of the jar.

  3. Where the heck it the pin # located on the nutella jar? is it the bar code # I tried that I didn’t work?

  4. Toute contente d’avoir un code pour un couteau-cueillère et maintenant, ça ne fait plus, ce sont les étiquettes !!!
    tellement dé^cue …

  5. I just recieved my personalized label after patiently waiting 4-6weeks fordelivery only the mailing empty inside 🙁 is there a way to get another sent out?

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