Suppose you enjoy the Extreme Pita Fast Food Restaurant! We can show you how you can save money on the Extreme pita menu daily!  Extreme pita is all about fresh food wrapped in a pita; every pita is sauced and wrapped, bringing happiness to the party in your mouth!

Extreme Pita Coupons & Deals

Extreme Pita Burrito combo

According to their Social Media, you can get a New Extreme Burrito, a can of pop and Sun Chips right now for $11.99

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Extreme Pita Loyalty Card

If you are a regular customer of Extreme Pita restaurants, you may want to get a loyalty card ( or download the app) to join the BonAppetit group.

  • After you purchase 5 regular pitas, get the 6th free
  • After you purchase 5 smoothies, get the 6th free

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How to Find Extreme Pita Coupons & Deals for Canada

Extreme Pita No longer has a Newsletter, so now the only way to find specials is via Social Media.

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Extreme Pita food

fast, fresh, fun, and full of flavor.

If you are in the mood for a delicious meal tonight, head to your nearest location and get your food fresh and quick. Great for those of you that want to eat healthy while you are on the run.

They customize each pita the way you want it. Pick and choose your toppings.

Extreme Pita Menu

Some of the items you will find on the menu at Extreme Pita include;

  • -Pitas, of course. Create your freestyle type item. Customized just the way you want it.
  • -Extreme Options; Choose from The Chief, Chick-Chick Boom, and the Uncle Philly.
  • -Chef Inspired items like Bourbon Chipotle and Fiesta Mexicana.
  • -Flat Baked Pitas; choose from Signature Recipes or create your own.
  • -Salads, sides, and soups; fresh salads like Traditional Greek, Grilled Chicken Ceasar, and more. The small or regular size of Campbell’s Soup.

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Is extreme pita healthy? 

It really depends on what you order; you can order items lower in calories than others, and it really depends on sauces as well, and don’t forget Pita’s are bread-like, so there are always fast-rising sugars involved.

Does extreme pita have gluten-free options? 

Yes, they have a few items they consider “gluten-free”  – basically, it’s the wrap without a Pita.

About the Brand

This brand company was formed in 1997 and has continued to grow in leaps and bounds.

Take out food that tastes great without the added fat and salt.

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