I get emails every day asking about Couponing without a printer. I understand why you have a phone; for the amount of printing we now require in a day – which is decreasing – we text, we can send images and everything without ever having to print anything.

It is incredible technology.

However, the phasing out coupons that don’t require a printer has been going on for a while now, and some stores won’t even accept them anymore. While you can still print them from home, I think it’s safe to say we’re at the end of the road. For grocery shopping, though? That’s a different story…

How to Coupon without a Printer |

How to Coupon without a Printer!

There are ways to the coupon ( or save money ) without printing a coupon per se. So, yes, your choices will be limited a bit – but there are other ways to save money daily.

First, let me start by saying that if you still prefer to use coupons in-store with a traditional method of taking them to the cashier, then by all means, please continue doing so instead of transitioning into phone apps or online coupon sites. You may be surprised at how much better technology has become in this area than even three years ago and you.

How to Coupon without a Printer |

Grocery Rebates:

The most straightforward approach to get started is with the “App” Savings – Rebates. There are a plethora of rebate apps for groceries. It’s quick; you earn rebates within two weeks of purchasing.

Checkout 51 – Cash Rebate Application – works like coupons, but you get a cash rebate back instead of saving money. You can redeem at $ 20.00. The program has been around for over five years

Caddle back – Similar to Checkout51 – but does not have many offers.

PC Points – Accumulate to redeem for free items.

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How to Coupon without a Printer |

Mailed Coupons:

Some companies will mail coupons to you – although it’s rare now. You can search the web for those companies, and in addition to the old-school way,

Here are a few places that will send you coupons by mail.

Occasionally, Walmart Coupons and Websaver Save.ca will have mailed coupons you can apply for.

See More Mailed Coupons opportunities. 

How to Coupon without a Printer |

PC Optimum Points

Use your PC Optimum points! Many companies do digital coupons for select stores such as Websaver and P & G themselves for bonus points, wherein the end Optimum points lead to a redemption towards FREE Shopping Sprees at Stores with Optimum Points – Real Canadian Super Store, Shoppers Drug Mart, No Frills, Esso Gas Stations, etc.

Insert Coupons:

Find “insert Coupons” in your newspapers – Find tons of Fast Food Coupons as a mail-out, usually in your mailbox or local newspaper.

On the Product Themselves (Peelies)

Always check out the offers that are on sale. Consider checking for items with coupons inside since there are occasionally products with coupons for additional goods within – There will usually be a sticker or advertisement on the packaging to notify you that there is a bonus coupon inside.

Mail-in Rebates

Well, today, it is gone with the actual “Mail-in ” part of it- but now you can watch for online specials of where you must purchase “XYZ” products” and can receive “ABC” in exchange by merely taking a picture of your receipts to get something for free!

See the Current List of Receipt Mail-in Rebates today. 


Your Favourite Magazines may have a few coupons in select issues.

Chatelaine and other magazines will have one or two in them – Make sure you purchase a Canadian-made magazine to ensure coupons are valid for Canada.

Is it Worth Purchasing a Printer just for Couponing?

Check out Facebook Marketplace or put a request online in your local Buy and Sell Group that you are looking for a cheap printer. I’m sure you can find one for $20 or less. Ink always kills when it comes to Printers; each ink is always more than the printer is worth.

If you can access a Printer, Work – Do printing at Work!