, 10 Practical ways to use Glad Trash Bags

You probably already use Glad trash bags for more than just taking out your garbage. Glad trash bags are so versatile and can be used in so many ways in the home, yard, garden and everywhere in between. Let’s look at some practical ways to use Glad Trash bags that you may have not considered:

1. Make an emergency rain poncho. Keep a few Glad trash bags (the big black ones work best) in your car’s trunk for outings. You never know when the rain may fall and want to ruin your day out.

2. In a similar fashion, you can use a smaller Glad trash bag as a smock for children during messy art projects and painting. No mess to clean up out of their clothes!

3. Cut open a large black Glad trash bag and use it as a weed liner in your garden this year. Not only is it much cheaper than the tarp you can buy for this purpose, but it will do just as good of a job, if not better.

4. n the summer, or when you get ready to put it away in the fall, cover your BBQ grill with a Glad trash bag to keep it safe from rust and harsh weather.

5. While winter might be winding down soon, you can still use this trick: Cut a large black Glad trash bag so it is longwise. Place it over your windshield and place your wipers on top of it. Close the ends into your doors. When you come out, you should be able to remove it and not have to scrape off ice and snow. You can even re-use it several times.

6. Use trash bags when you move. Instead of placing your clothing in boxes, put it in trash bags. This way, you can just stuff them wherever in the moving truck and use them as cushioning for furniture. When you have your clothes all unpacked, just re-use the bags for your trash from moving.

7. Use a clear Glad garbage bag as a miniature greenhouse for plants you are growing seedlings from.  Just placed a dowel in the dirt to keep the bag off your seeding and then place the bag over the plant. This will create a greenhouse for your plant.

8. Just like the tip in #7, you can use Glad trash bags to protect your plants. Just cover rose bushes with them in the fall and tie them up.

9. Trash bags have multiple uses while camping. Lay one or two of them, flat under your tent to keep moisture out. If you are camping where there are no shower facilities, just fill a trash bag with water and leave it to get warm in the sun. Tie it to a very strong tree branch and with a little hole poked in the bottom, you have a great outdoor shower system!

10. Garbage bags are great for travelers. Store your shoes in a small Glad trash bag before you pack them to avoid getting dirt from them onto your clothing. Store wet swimsuits in Glad trash bags to keep the wetness contained.

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, 10 Practical ways to use Glad Trash Bags