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TEN Practical Ways to Use Glad Trash Bags 

Glad Products

  • Trash Bags – indoor, outdoor, Recyclable bags, Compost Bags
  • Cling Wrap
  • Food Storage
  • Zipper Sandwich and food bags

About Glad Canada

It Bagan a long time ago in Canada when Harry Wasylyk and Larry Hansen invented a disposable green garbage bag. Union Carbide bought their idea, and in 1968 they began to manufacture the first green garbage bags for home use under the name GLAD® Garbage bags.

The Factory is in Orangeville, Ontario. Where the production line now has several types of garbage bags, including indoor, outdoor, compost bags, blue bags for recycling and more.

When Larry Hansen and Harry Wasylyk came up with the idea of disposable garbage bags, they probably only had an inkling of the popularity of their product. When Union Carbide bought the product in 1968, they knew they had a winner. Since then, Glad Canada has been taking care of indoor and outdoor bagging needs in staggering numbers.

Many companies have tried to imitate Glad Canada, but they always seem to be missing something. Glad Canada offers reliable bags create to work the way people want them to. Other brands use cheap materials or don’t have handles that last.

Glad Canada offers bags for indoor and outdoor use, so you have the right amount of strength for whatever you need your bags for. If you want to bag up leaves or empty the closet, there is a bag to fit your needs. Glad Canada has you covered no matter what your bagging needs are.