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Win New Free Clothing via Giveaways

One of the best ways to search online for free clothing giveaways and contests is to follow social media accounts specializing in this type of activity. Popular accounts include those from brands, influencers, bloggers, and other related companies. By following these accounts, you’ll be able to stay up-to-date on any upcoming giveaways or contests. Additionally, it may help to join forums and discussion boards where users might post about forthcoming opportunities. Also, searching hashtags such as “free clothes giveaway” or “clothing contest” can yield helpful results.



Find Used Clothing Online Marketplaces.

Check out your local Facebook marketplaces and any Town or City groups where people post Moving out stuff as an online garage sale; you need to be forward and direct and throw it out there: Looking for size six kids clothing, Preferably free or cheap? Please show me what you got!

It also doesn’t hurt to watch or post on Kijiji or Craigslist for the same. is similar to Craigslist since the site has a local chapter, although it primarily deals with items available for free to anyone who pays.

Yard Sale

Visit Yard sales to get Free Clothing.

Visiting yard sales can be a great way to get free clothing. If you can hit a Garage sale towards the very end of the last day they are hosting, they will most likely give away all the clothing, so they don’t have to drive it to a donation center.

Another great way to score free clothing at a yard sale is to offer to take all the clothes from one family. This can be very beneficial because they won’t have to worry about transporting any of it, and you may be able to get some great stuff!

If you’re feeling incredibly thrifty, try visiting your local flea markets or thrift stores. These places are often full of forgotten and unwanted items that people would love to get rid of. You never know what hidden gems you might find in these places, so it’s worth checking out.

Ask Friends & Neighbors

Don’t be Shy! If you need a black pair of dress pants for an interview or job, ask around, Even if they lend it to you for your event or until you can purchase your own. You can always “HINT” if you want more than a pair of pants in particular; say, ” Love that outfit.”, Remember me when you declutter your closet next time.”

Clothing Exchange

Try doing a Clothing Swap Meet.

Organizing a clothing swap meet is a great way to get free clothes and help others recycle their fashion items. It’s also a fun social activity that can bring people together while they search for the perfect new-to-them outfit!

To organize a swap meet, you will need to find out how many people would be interested in participating in the event and ensure you have enough space. You will also need to set up rules for exchanging items, so everything runs smoothly.

Once you have all your details, start advertising your clothing swap meet using word of mouth or flyers in popular areas where people are likely to see them. Encourage everyone who wants to join the swaps to bring their clothes in good condition for others to take.

When the day of your clothing swap meet arrives, encourage people to trade items with one another and provide some snacks or drinks for everyone to enjoy as they shop. At the end of the event, you can also offer donations of any remaining items that weren’t swapped out.

Hosting a clothing swap meet, you’re helping people get free clothing while encouraging them to recycle and reuse their fashion items! Plus, it can be an incredibly fun and social activity for all involved. So don’t hesitate – to organize a clothing swap meet today!

Free clothing closets

If you struggle financially or face an emergency like a fire, a clothing bank will give you free clothing if necessary. Check out nonprofit organizations such as Good Will and the Salvation Army, and Women’s Shelter Occasionally, the organization will have to provide documentation before receiving the goods.

Thrift stores

Sometimes thrift stores give away free clothing on racks or boxes. They are usually labelled “free” but not neatly presented, and you may need to search through lots of clothing to match your size and preferences. Even though it’s not possible to buy clothes in thrift shops, there’ll be clothing at very affordable prices that may even be free for you to buy.

Renting a dress in Canada

Renting Clothing

If you want Free Clothing to save the environment, and not that you are poor and need New Clothing, you don’t want to purchase and clutter up your closet.

If you are looking for a DRESS in particular to a party or Event, Check out the following Websites.

Sell, and Re Purchase Gently Used Clothing


ThredUp is an online marketplace for buying and selling secondhand clothes. When you sell on ThredUp, the process is simple. Customers can order a Clean Out bag from ThredUp, fill it with their gently used clothes, shoes and bags, and ship it to the company. ThredUp will then review the items and decide which ones they want to resell on their website. They’ll pay you for everything they decide to accept!

Once your items are accepted, you can get paid in cash or in-store credit at thredUP. If you choose store credit, you’ll get a 10% bonus added to your store credit amount.

Poshmark is a peer-to-peer marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of gently used clothing and accessories. It allows users to buy, sell, and trade items safely and securely. Poshmark makes it easy for users to buy, sell, and list items quickly — all with just a few clicks or taps of their smartphone. Additionally, the app provides helpful features like automated shipping labels and instant payment for fast transactions. With over 25 million users worldwide, Poshmark has become one of the most popular online marketplaces! Be an influencer and push your referral code like crazy and get free credits towards purchase.

Beyond The Runway

You can list your clothes for sale or rental on as well! All you need to do is upload pictures of your items and a detailed description and set the price. Once approved by their team, your item will be listed on the website, and buyers or renters from around the world will


Rent out a dress

Make Back Cash and Rent Out your Dress!

First, you list your dress on their website. Goldiesdresshire will review your listing, and if it’s approved, it will be placed on the site for rent. When someone rents your dress, they pay you a service fee based on your dress’s rental price. You get paid in cash via PayPal or can choose to receive store credit for future rentals. It’s easy to set up and manage your listings with Goldiesdresshire – plus, there are no upfront fees to join!

 Start a fashion blog.

Starting a fashion blog can be an excellent way to get free clothing from companies. Once you get your site up and Work HARD to get loyal readers, companies may send you free clothing by mail to review on your site. Plus, you can use affiliate links to promote your favourite products and earn a percentage.


SCOPE ( Scanning Code of Practice )

If you happen to shop at a clothing store that stands behind their SCOPE, and find a clothing Error, you can not only save money, but you could get it free if the item is under $10.00!

A Few Canadian Stores to watch for are Walmart, Canadian Tire, Giant Tiger.


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Cashback and survey reward sites

Use Loyalty Cards, Points Combinations

Maximize your savings by utilizing multiple loyalty programs, such as clothing loyalty cards, online points, and Visa Points. Look to your bank for further rewards opportunities; take advantage of store-specific clearance sales to double dip whenever possible! For example, use the PC Optimum Credit Card or any other redemption master card when shopping at RCSS, Nofrills, Loblaws stores and SDM – you may even be able to acquire enough points from this activity that you can redeem them toward a FREE JoeFRESH item!


Swagbucks gives you cash rewards for every activity listed. Interested customers may receive cash back through eShop or by visiting Swagbuck. Tell us the most efficient way to get money. Use the gift cards when purchasing a new outfit or using a prepaid card or PayPal.