Would you like free tampon samples or free sample pads every month?

Have you planned to try other tampons before permanently switching to another tampon brand?

This free tampon samples and  Free pads Sample list is perfect for people like me who love receiving freebies and trying out new brands.

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Canadian Businesses that Give Away Free Tampon Samples & Free samples pads

The following companies and brands provide free samples of tampons and other feminine hygiene products throughout the year. Make sure to bookmark these pages to be included in the next giveaways:

1. U By Kotex

Kotex has pads, liners, and tampons offered under its brand. But right now, Kotex is only giving away a Liner Combo Sample that includes all Kotex liners so you can find out which ones are right for you.

2. Poise

The company just ended the free tampon samples giveaway for its Impress line (the tampon-like product under the brand), but this returns now and then. For now, you can get a pair of Poise® Very Light Absorbency Long Liners, Poise® Light Absorbency Active Collection™ Long Liners, and Poise® Moderate Absorbency Ultra Thin Pads.

3. Depends

Depends always has a free trial kit for Adult products. Plus, a $5.00 off coupon for your next purchase. Although it is not tampon specific – it is relatable, and I decided to include it in the roundup.

Sample Boxes

Sample Boxes that may include Free tampons / Pads

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    Government Building

    Government Buildings

    British Columbia Schools


    Nova Scotia Schools


    Where to Get Free Tampon Samples and free samples pads | free tampon samples

    PC Optimum Points & Flyer Sales

    P&G every day – The brand Tampax and Always are both Proctor & Gamble brands! If there is ever a promotion, you will find it on the P&G Everyday website! Plus, P&G has some great Optimum point offers on feminine products, which you could pair up with flyer sales and Manager specials at Shoppers drug mart and other Loblaw stores.

    Where Else Can You Find Almost Free Tampon Samples?

    Sometimes, you need to give back to the company before getting free tampon samples. For example:

    Get Joni

    If you have a lot of Canadian friends who would love to support a Canadian Femini Company, you could refer some friends with their Refer a Friend Program. Get $5.00 towards your next purchase if your friend uses your link and purchases $15.00 worth of products within two weeks.

    It sounds like they work with Influencers – If you have a large social media following, you may want to contact them. – It’s Canadian, eh?

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    Follow companies on Social Media.

    Sometimes, you don’t need to pay for anything. The companies ask for a bit of your time or effort in exchange for the freebies.

    For example, you like and share the company’s Facebook page, follow their official Instagram account and tag friends as a comment. Sometimes you are asked to “heart” a post as a raffle entry to a contest. The actual task to do depends on the company.

    Go check out these companies, subscribe to their newsletters, and follow them on social media to be updated with freebies, contests and promos:

    Refer a Friend Programs

    While the Refer a friend program does not get you free samples, it could give you a nice discount if you know a friend or two who think like you. Below you will find Canadian Companies that refer a friend for Period Friendly products.

    • The Honeypot Co. – if the world gets back on track with Supply chain issues: Referral program & Ships to Canada.
    • Lola Tampons – has a Referral Program & Influencer program
    • Rael has a Referral Program & Influencer program

    Note that these companies do not have a year-round sample request feature, but if you are updated with their promotions, you may be able to buy discounted tampons or win free tampons.

    Organizations Giving Away Free Feminine Products

    If you are looking for free tampons because you are a part of the growing population that can’t afford monthly menstrual products, then you’ll need this list. The following organizations make it easier for you to get a hold of products to help manage your Period:

    Not so Free Menstrual Cups

    Are you not a fan of tampons? Would you instead use napkins or menstrual cups? Here are some options for you:

    BePreparePeriod.com soft cup – this isn’t technically free since you’ll be paying 99 cents for a pair, but the price is definitely worth the trouble, especially if you’re starting with using menstrual cups. They are now shipping to Canada.