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Armstrong-cheese-coupon - sliced cheese selection of products

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Armstrong Cheese Coupon.

  • Save $1.50 off on all Armstrong® cheese slices!

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Armstrong Cheese Slices Pricing

Swiffer Product Pricing

  • ArmstrongExtra Old White Cheddar Cheese 600 g $7.47ea
    Marble Cheese Sticks6 30 g $12.97ea
    ArmstrongSnack Marble Cheese 210 g 2 FOR $11.54 or $6.47ea
  • Shredded Cheese Triple Cheddar,$7.98
  • Armstrong Cheese Sticks

    If you are curious about the calorie count in these Armstrong Cheese Sticks, one website I use is the My Fitness Pal. It displays the calorie and nutritional content of thousands of food items, including this one.

    These snack-size sticks are the perfect addition to school or work lunch boxes. Keep your fridge stocked to ensure your kids get the ideal afternoon snack. I like to serve these with apple slices. My kids devour them in minutes.

    Aged cheddar is a little more sophisticated than the kiddie play sticks, making them perfect for adults. Just open the box, pop one of the individually wrapped cheese sticks in your bag, purse, wherever to enjoy the ideal afternoon or anytime snack.

    Armstrong Cheese Commercial

    If you have not yet seen this commercial, you are probably one of the very few. A few weeks ago, it was all over Facebook and Twitter. It seems that everyone wanted to share this fantastic ad for Armstrong Cheese.


At first, it looks as if this video will have an unfortunate ending, but keep watching because it ends with an unexpected twist. You are going to be surprised and want to share it as well. Got to love that Armstrong Cheese!!

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Armstrong-cheese-coupon - sliced cheese selection of products


  1. I use it on my grilled cheese and sandwich, califliwer soup, cheese and crackers, meatloaf, shepards pie and m any many more dishes. Cheese is my favorite fois and i love Armstrong cheeses but my favorite is mild cheddar. Great quality and amazing to cook with.


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