Save Money on Boursin Cheese

Cheese Please! Boursin Cheese is a scrumptious gourmet cheese!

What happens with a new product? Well, of course, some great Marketing ideas, including Savings with Boursin Coupons!

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Where To Buy Boursin Cheese

If you are looking at what stores carry Boursin Cheese Brand :

  • Real Canadian Superstore
  • Loblaws
  • Walmart
  • No Frills
  • Costco

Can you freeze Boursin Cheese?

If you happen to find Boursin Cheese on a clearance deal, or perhaps just a great sale, You can physically freeze cheese. It may lose some of its flavours and be a bit more crumbly, but you will still be able to use it in recipes and dips.

Boursin Cheese Price

Herbs Garlic Cheese 150 g: $5.00 per package or $3.33/ 100g