Are you a cheese lover? I know I am, so I’m always thrilled to find a printable coupon for Cheese, even if it’s more of high-end cheese!  On the Bothwell Cheese Contest, if you had entered it last week, there was a coupon to download for Bothwell Cheese!

Bothwell Cheese Coupon

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Coupon Expires November 30, 2021

History on Bothwell Cheese Company

Bothwell Cheese is a cheese company based in Bothwell Ontario, Canada. The company was founded on the family farm in 1979 by Mike and Cathy Gowanlock, who are still both actively involved in production along with their daughter Michelle. I had never heard of either the town or the cheese company until recently when I started hearing about it on some small foodie blogs. I did some research and discovered that Bothwell Cheese is one of the most highly regarded small-batch cheesemakers in the country.

The Gowanlocks are known for their artisanal cheeses which they produce on their farm using milk from their own herd of Friesian cows. They make over 30 different types of cheese, many of which have won awards in a wide range of cheese competitions. They also ship to many foreign countries but unfortunately, they don’t sell any of their cheeses here in the USA, which is one reason why I haven’t been able to try any yet.

From prior research on Bothwell Cheese, I knew that their cheeses usually have a lot of liquid and shrink up quite a bit when you drain them. They also usually shrivel into little balls so I wasn’t expecting much from the spreadable other than to taste some good cream cheese since I don’t eat bagels or toast very often. But as it turned out, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed both of them.

Bothwell Cheese Coupon : Save $0.50 ( Print) | Bothwell cheese coupon

Bothwell Cheese Tasting

The Half & Half was the mildest and smoothest tasting from Bothwell’s line-up. It has a very light, fresh taste that I imagine would go great with lox on a bagel or with some veggies on toast. The 3 months aged Gouda had a slightly stronger taste but it wasn’t overwhelming. As with the Half & Half, I noticed that it had very few or no discernible crystals which is one of the factors that makes gouda so good. Remember to get a Bothwell cheese coupon before purchasing.