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About Mozzarelllisima

It’s the ultimate cooking Cheese: It has a buttery Mozza taste, and this mozzarella cheese stretches and has excellent melting abilities. It is perfect for pizza and lasagna. It’s available in regular and a light variety and can be found in different formats such as blocks of cheese, shredded cheese and cheese slices.

About Saputo

Saputo Inc. is a famous Canadian dairy company based in Montreal. Italian immigrant Giuseppe Saputo established it in 1954 as a cheese store. Today the company’s business features cheese and baked goods and milk production, and it is considered one of the largest dairy-producing companies in the world. Saputo has expanded its business through mergers and acquisitions.

This company operates in Canada, in addition to the United States, Argentina, Wales and Germany. Canada’s largest dairy processor, Argentina’s third most significant, and among America’s three largest cheesemakers. Most of Saputo‘s revenues come from its operations in the United States.

Saputo purchased Dairyworld Foods and some of its brands such as “Dairyland” milk and “Armstrong” cheese. This company has more than 650 trade-marks registered in Canada. Brands by Saputo include:

  • Saputo
  • Alexis de Portneuf
  • Alto
  • Armstrong
  • Baxter
  • Black Creek “Wisconsin Classic”
  • Dairyland
  • Danscorella

Saputo History:

In 1950, cheesemaker Mr. Saputo and his son emigrated to Canada from Italy.  After moving to Montreal, they opened up their first cheese company.

Today Saputo still prides itself on being an expert in cheese making and continues the family tradition of creating cheese with quality and taste.

Today they sell Saputo Cheese World Wide and have manufacturing facilities in 5 different countries.

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