FREE 2021 Milk Calendar – Available While Quantities Last

Milk Calendar 2021

Oct 11, 2020 Join our Private facebook Group!

The 2021 Free Milk Calendar.

To request your free Milk Calendar, click the links below.

Unfortunately, the 2021 Milk Calendar is currently not available in all provinces. If we notice they become available, we will update this post.

Get Your Digital Copy Here:

Or Check your province for a mailed copy:

This offer is valid while quantities last.


QC residents please contact your provincial milk boards




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Milk Calendar 2021


  1. If possible would you please send 5 or 6 copies as I live in a senior community and have been asked if I could order them one yThanks

  2. I need a digital copy of the 2019 calendar. I miss the site that had all of the calendars and recipes. Why was it removed?

  3. Having Avery difficult time trying to find and get a 2019 Milk Calendar.
    Is it possible for someone to please let me know where or whom I can get in touch, so I can get one mailed to me.
    Have all the previous years, except 2019
    Regards Richard

  4. Why put a advertisement for a free colander when u don’t send them out. Everything is expensive to produce but why bother if u can’t even read the small light print.

  5. You have commented on a post for the 2019 calendar.
    The 2020 calendar has not been released yet as of today, that is why none of the link are working to get this years calendar.

  6. Oct 5, 2019: Looking to order my Milk Calendar 2019. Website directs me to a link, but NOWHERE ON THAT LINK is there a FORM to order the calendar–even though the original page says there is. OK–so you don’t provide them in newspapers any more, but DON’T MAKE IT SO DIFFICULT TO GET ONE. I have got a Milk Calendar every year for more than 30 years, and found many good recipes there. I realize that “nothing is [ever] free” but a link that says “Order Milk Calendar here”–one that works–would be really, really nice!!!

  7. If you did not receive your calendar, please use the links above to contact the promotion sponsor.
    Canadian Free Stuff is not the sponsor, we simply share freebies we find online.
    We have no control over weather or not you received your calendar, nor do we mail them out ourselves.

  8. Much like other comments on this page, we ordered our Milk Calendar on Dec.11 and haven’t received it. The form is now gone on the Dairy Farmers of Ontario page. Seems like they may not have had enough or maybe they never intended to mail them out at all – their site now says to go to a local event to get one. Anyone had success finding one in the Ottawa area?

  9. I v always relied on the milk calendar. But after not getting it with my local paper and ordering it two times from my computer, I guess I will in future do without it. When I ordered it from my computer you replied telling me it would be mailed and I would receive it. I have not.

    I have learned to like my own calendar, so in future I do not need to rely on you

    Many thanks

  10. I ordered my 2019 Milk Calendar back in November/18 and have still not received it. It has never taken this long, please give us an update. Thank you.

  11. I ordered a milk calender in December and have not rec’d one or any notice from site. Is this discontinued ?

  12. I believed that we will receive Milk Calendar 2019 as usual thru Toronto Star but did not get so contacted with Star and found out I had to order thru web site so I did. But did not receive it yet. What’s going on! Already mid Jan. 2019. Many years I was using Milk Calendar.

  13. I also ordered a calendar and have not received it yet. How long is it supposed to take?

  14. I ordered the 2019 Calendar in December. It has not arrived as yet.
    When will I receive it?
    Why should we have to go to restaurants to pick up a calendar?
    Your new system appears designed to prevent distribution of the calendars to interested parties.

  15. what happened last year? i always got milk calendar in my newspaper but not for 2019. not in toronto saturday star or sunday sun. resent having to go to ontario restaurant events to pick one up.

  16. I ordered the 219 calendar way back in December and have never received it. It is my favorite calendar to use. Was also e-mailed that it was being processed. Where is it?

  17. Our daily newspaper was cancelled so we did not receive your calendar. If any are still available, could I please have 2.

  18. I ordered a 2019 Milk Calendar on December 22nd 2018. Haven’t received it yet.

  19. Please provide a 2019 Milk Calendar. I usually get one with the Ottawa Citizen,but not this year.

  20. Thanks for the Milk Calendar 2019. Just a small request for 2020, when you print the calendars, please make the date numbers a little larger fonts if possible. 2019 calendars are a little hard to see from a short distance.

  21. Thank you for the 2019 calendar. I have been collecting them since 2000.
    I am somewhat disappointed with the new format.
    My eyesight is not what it used to be and I find the recipes hard to read.
    There is less space on each calendar day to keep notes of coming events, appointments, birthdays.
    It is hard to make out exactly which day we are at.
    It was much clearer before.
    The wider width makes it harder to hang it inside a cupboard door.
    Going back to the previous format would be a good move in my opinion.

  22. My wife has been receiving the milk calendars from the LFP for almost 30 years . She keeps track of all our activities sinc 1991 and she still has all of them.

    Could we receive one for 2019 ?

  23. i used to live in ontario but now i have moved back to my home town in quebec…….just wish that quebec could be added for the free milk calendar……i used to love receiving a free milk calandar every year………and i thought quebec is part of CANADA

  24. Sharon,
    Please contact the company directly with your concerns. We are unable to help you with your issue. We only find the freebies for our fans. We are not the sponsor, therefore we are not the ones providing the freebie.

  25. Andrew,
    Please contact the company directly with your concerns. We are unable to help you with your issue. We only find the freebies for our fans. We are not the sponsor, therefore we are not the ones providing the freebie.

  26. for two years now there has not been a milk calendar in the St. Catharines Standard and I have ordered them by mail. However, I cannot find where I can submit my request. I would like to receive two milk calendars in the mail.

  27. Problem! For those of us in Ontario and Atlantic Canada, the site simply states when and which newspaper will include the free calendar . Alternatively, the recipes are shown online.
    How can I get them to mail me one? Please help.


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