Women’s products are expensive, and there is always a new product every year for pads or tampons for women who suffer from period pains. That’s why I am happy that U by Kotex just released their Dreamweaver line of disposable menstrual napkins,  which is a Kotex Free Sample right now.

! These things work wonders because they have an absorbent core inside the pad mixed with cotton, so you can stay dry all day long without worrying about being uncomfortable

Kotex Free Sample

Kotex has the new “DreamWear ” lineup for a Kotex free sample offer.

Choose one of the following sizes *S/M or L, as seen pictured below

Kotex Dream Samples available

You need to fill out your mailing address and email to get started. Then click on the Sign In link to apply for free samples of Kotex free samples

Click Here to Apply for Kotex Free Sample

Kotex free sample offers are valid While Supplies Last.

The offer is only available every six months

According to U To Kotex

Food Bank- kotex free sample

“1 in 4 Canadian women must choose between
buying food or period products.”

That number is insane to me. That’s 25% of women that struggle to afford tampons and pads.

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U by Kotex

U by Kotex is here to help you find the perfect protection for your body and period needs. Whether it’s light or heavy duty, we’ve got everything from pads AND tampons!
Generation Know (Kotex Program)
  • This is a program from Kotex that is helping girls and young women get to know their bodies.

Kotex is excited to announce its new Generation Know program, which will help girls and young women get tips on what they can do during that month. No more myths! We’re here as a resource for all your feminine needs, from getting Periodical checks up until graduation day, when you’ll be able to handle things yourself with confidence in knowing how amazing it feels not to have any cramps or headaches due entirely too much menstrual blood loss because finally “cycle” isn’t scary anymore.