Women’s products are expensive, and there are always new products coming out every year when it comes to pads and tampons for women’s monthly periods, that’s why it’s wonderful to find a Kotex free sample, to give a new product a try.

Kotex Free Sample

Kotex has the new “DreamWeave ” lineup for a Kotex free sample offer.

Choose one of the following sizes *Ss/M or L, as seen pictured below

Kotex Dream Samples available

If you are new to the U Kotex Website, just fill out your personal mailing address, email address and birthday.

If you previously have signed up, you will need to SIGN in for the information to be updated and apply for the Kotex free sample.

Kotex Will Donate Period Products to Food Banks in Canada.

Lets help those women who need our help with purchasing Kotex products and Kimberly Clark Will donate up to 50,000 packs of pads to food banks.

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Kotex free sample offer valid While Supplies Last.


According U To Kotex

Food Bank- kotex free sample

“1 in 4 Canadian women must choose between
buying food or period products.”

That Number is insane to me. That’s 25% of women that struggle to afford tampons and pads.

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U by Kotex

Find Tampons, Pads, and Pantyliners

Every woman is different and so are their periods. Find the perfect amount of protection for you. Some of us need maximum protection, while others need a light panty liner.

Generation Know (Kotex Program)

This is a program from Kotex that is helping girls and young women get to know their bodies.

Get tips and tricks to help you get through that time of the month.

No need to be shy. It’s a wonderful and beautiful thing. We are women, we are strong, and we are unique.

Many myths are circulating out there. It is about time that we separate the facts from the myths once and for all.