Looking for a way to keep your schedule organized this year? Telus has got you covered!  Login to your account, and you can receive a 2023 calendar. This is an easy way to plan your days and ensure you never miss a necessary appointment. Plus, the calendar is visually appealing, so you’ll enjoy using it daily. Get started today and start planning for a successful year ahead!

Telus Customers include Mobile Phones, Home Phones, Internet providers, and TV Satellite stations. Every Year they give out Free Calendars for their loyal customers, and we’re about to show you where.

Free Telus Calendar for Valid Customers

Everybody’s favourite free calendar is back! For the last decade, Telus has offered its customers a Free Calendar, which is now available for this upcoming year once again!

The calendar will only be sent to current TELUS customers with a valid account number.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Limited to one per customer.

Click Here for More Information

Available while Quantities Last.

Telus provides Canadians with a variety of services.

  • Your home phone line – Get many long-distance packages to match your phone habits.
  • Your High-Speed Internet –  they will provide a home router.
  • Mobile Cellphone plans – Get the New cell phone with the package, including 3G packages.
  • Home Entertainment: Get Satellite TV packages along with new PVRs and Free Smart TVs with a contract

Lots of People either hate or love Telus! They do have telemarketers who always call with the latest services and attempt to get you to sign up for additional assistance. Choose to take it or leave it.