You probably know that conditioner is great for moisturizing your hair, but you might not know about these 10 uses for Pantene hair conditioner. It can do a lot more than protect your hair from damage and tangles

10 Uses for Pantene Hair Conditioner

Wash Your Delicates

Instead of using a harsh detergent, hand-wash your delicates with a palm-full of Pantene conditioner, then rinse and hang to dry. Your clothes will smell fresh, and they will be softer than ever.

Remove Eye Makeup

Conditioner is gentle on the skin, and it easily removes eye makeup. Most makeup removers are expensive, and they don’t work any better than a soft cloth with a small amount of conditioner.


Reshape Your Sweaters

If you accidentally shrink a sweater by tossing it in the dryer, you may be able to save it with the help of a conditioner. Let the sweater soak in a tub of water mixed with a tablespoon of conditioner. When you remove the sweater, you should be able to stretch it out to its original size—or at least close to it.


Tame Wild Hair

You don’t have to invest in expensive pomades and gels to tame wild hair or unruly static. Use a small amount of conditioner to help you smooth out your hair and keep it from standing up from static.

Polish Stainless Steel

Those stainless steel appliances looked so great in the store, but once you got them home, you probably found that they could look dirty and dingy pretty quickly. Pantene conditioner can be used as a quick polish for these appliances, giving them a bright shine.

Replace WD-40

Squeaky doors and hinges can be annoying, but most chemical solutions to this problem leave behind a nasty smell. Use the Pantene conditioner to silence the squeaks without the odour.

Infuse Your Bath

You could spend hundreds of dollars on moisturizers and other items for your bath, but a conditioner mixed in with your bathwater can provide just the right amount of moisture for a luxurious, low-cost bath.

Shave Your Legs

If you ever run out of shaving cream, look no further than your conditioner for a quick solution. Conditioner moisturizes, leaving your legs silky smooth.

Remove Fake Tattoos

Those fake tattoos seemed like a fun treat for your child, but they are notoriously hard to remove. Many kids won’t sit still for the scrubbing, which is why you should use a conditioner to remove them. Clean the area with a soft cloth and some Pantene conditioner to quickly and gently remove the tattoos.

Soften and Weather-Proof Leather

Conditioner can soften leather shoes and clothes, helping you break them in before you ever wear them. You can also protect your shoes and jackets from ice and rain using a layer of conditioner. It won’t be visible once rubbed into the leather, but it will provide a water-proof barrier.


Use these 10 uses for Pantene hair conditioner to help save money and simplify your life. Who knew that hair conditioner could serve so many purposes?