If you’re looking for practical uses for Tic Tac containers, you might be interested to know that you may not be using the container correctly as a Tic Tac container in the first place. With that being said…

 10 Practical Uses for Tic Tac Containers

1. Use as intended. Most people flip the top open and let the Tic Tacs come spilling out. The next time you open yours, take note of the cover. It is actually meant to hold one Tic Tac at a time because these were originally intended as a sort of breath mint rather than a candy.

2. Pill Dispenser. This container makes s great pill dispenser for the person who doesn’t want to advertise they have to take medication or for those who need a pill container to keep them in groups. For example, you might put your lunch pills in one container and your dinner pills in another without worrying that they will spill out in your purse.

3. Bead holders. Need a way to keep your beads divided in a space-saving manner? Use Tic Tac containers. Their shape is perfect for taking up minimal space while being able to keep beads separated by colour, style, or however you choose.

4. Spice Jars. Turn from Tic Tacs to spices. This is especially useful if you just want to keep small quantities of spice so none goes to waste.

5. Aromatherapy. Make your own aromatherapy for the car, your purse, or any other small space. Fill the container cotton and infuse it with your favourite essential oil. Open as needed.

6. Pest Control. Fill Tic Tac containers with cedar shavings. Place the container in unused purses and leave it open. This will keep pests from bedding down in unused purses or bags, but you won’t have cedar all over them.

7. Sewing kit. Put a needle, safety pin, small button, and a bit of thread inside the container. Keep it in your purse or pocket for an emergency. The small opening keeps everything from spilling out at once. Leave a bit of the thread hanging out so you can pull out what you need as needed.

8. Eyeglass repair. You can put everything you need in here for eyeglass repair, including the tiny screwdriver.

9. Picnic seasoning. Use your Tic Tac containers to keep all your picnic and cookout seasonings so they are easily identifiable and always ready to go.

10. Sea Monkey apartment. Remember Sea Monkeys? Now you don’t have to leave them at home. Fill the Tic Tac container with water, add some Krill (because that’s what Sea Monkeys really are) and take them on the go with you in their own small apartment. Great for kid’s parties too!


If you have a tiny collection of anything, Tic Tac containers are the perfect supplies for you. You get the pleasure of emptying them before you use them and then you get to recycle and have fun at the same time!

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