, 11 Awesome French Mustard Uses




Surprising uses for French’s Mustard


French’s Mustard is a staple for many people for everything from sandwiches to potato salad. Did you know French’s Mustard has uses outside of topping your favourite foods?

Here are some health and household use for French’s Mustard:


1. Rub mustard on your chest when you have congestion. Breathing in the mustard can actually help with sinus congestion if you rub it on and then place a warm, wet cloth on top.

2.  If you get burnt while cooking this holiday season, keep mustard on hand. You can cover a burn with French’s Mustard and help to take the pain away as well as help it not cause as much damage.

3. Do you have tired feet? Soothe them with a French’s Mustard soak. Just fill a bucket big enough for your feet with very warm (but not hot!) water and squeeze in some mustard. It will naturally soothe aches and pain.

 4. Use French’s Mustard to help remove gum from hair. Just rub in and work it through the hair. The gum will loosen and as a bonus, the mustard can actually soften hair as well. For just the conditioning, do a mustard mask on your hair once a month. Make sure to rinse well.

 5. Greasy pans come clean with a dab of mustard rubbed on them. Just squirt some French’s Mustard onto the pan, directly, and scrub away. This also works on ceramic stoves as well as sinks. Just don’t use it on porous surfaces as it can stain.

6. Do your drinking glasses smell musty? Just squirt some French’s Mustard into them, add some warm water and allow to soak. If the item that is musty has a lid, do the same thing and shake. The smell will be gone!

7. If a scratchy throat has you down this winter, try mixing French’s Mustard with some honey and a splash of lemon juice. Gargle this solution and it will calm your fiery throat.

8. Skip tomato sauce for getting rid of skunk smells, French’s Mustard actually works better and it can be used in your car, even if you run over a skunky area.

9. You can actually use mustard on your face as a mask. What does it do? It will smooth out the texture of your skin and give you a nice glow. Apply to moist skin only as it can dry you out, otherwise. Also, if you have sensitive skin, this might not be a good idea. To see if you might have a reaction, a good test is to rub it on your inner elbow or wrist. Also, go for the more mild French’s Classic Yellow Mustard.

10. Have someone give you a mustard back rub. Just use as you would a massage oil. This actually works amazing for lower back pain associated with menstrual cramps.

11. If you have a migraine headache, French’s Mustard can come to your rescue. Simply fill a tub with warm water and add a few squirts of mustard to it. Soak your feet for a few moments, preferably while breathing in the fumes.