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Brand-orientated people will love this page. Using Dove Coupons will save you money. See below for how you can start saving with Dove Products right here in Canada by using Coupons for all your shopping needs:

Dove coupon for Body wash

Dove Body wash Coupon

New Dove Coupon for Residents of Canada.  This time it is for any bodywash product!

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Dove Coupons Canada – Lotion

We all want to save money on our Self Care Needs, such as deodorant and body wash, and we have found where you can save money with coupons for this brand.

There is currently one new coupon for Dove Products.

Available in printable coupons, or can use the Cash Back system.

  • Save $1.00 on Dove Love Lotion products


These coupons are available for a limited time only and while supplies last.

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    About Dove Body Wash

    • Find Lots of Choices for Female Body Wash:
    • Go Fresh – Citrus Scented in a variety wake up smells
    • Purely Pampering  – has a soothing scent and Nutrium Moisture formula
    • Deep Moisture –  With Nutrium – Moisture formula
    • Sensitive Skin Body Wash
    • Gentle Exfoliating
    • Visible Care – Highest Nutrium Moisture formula in line.

    See Above for any Dove Coupons for Body soap.

    Dove Coupons Canada: Save on Dove Wash & Body Love Products | dove coupons canada

    About Dove Aluminum Deodorant

    Dove recently released a new, more natural deodorant with 0% aluminum.

    “Dove wanted to offer their consumers a new choice, ” Aluminum FREE Deodorant, a Non-Irrant with a bit of moisturizer   Aluminum salts tend to plug inside sweat glands and slow down perspiration.

    Ingredients that are found to cut the odour are products like glycerin and fragrances.

    Check the information above to Save with Dove Coupons available in Canada.

    Dove Canada Logo

    About the Dove Company

    Dove was founded in 1957. It has the following products:

    • Beauty Bars
    •  Body Wash
    • Hair Care
    • Deodorant
    • Baby products
    • Men+Careproducts

    Contact Phone Number  1-800-761- DOVE (3683)

    Dove started a Dove Self-Esteem Fund that claims to try and change the concept of beauty to make every lady and child feel positive about their looks and get away from thin model models as the perfect model of beauty. They currently offer free Pdf files on how to start a campaign in your school.