It’s true; you can save money on deodorant with Degree coupons. You have to know where to look! We will provide you with the best places for finding deals and discounts so that you can stock up on your favourite antiperspirants and deodorants without breaking the bank.

Degree Coupons Canada

The new Degree printable Coupon is now available

  • Save $1.00 off any Degree product

Print Degree Coupon

The Degree Print Coupon Expired December 31, 2014

but don’t fret! We’ll show you more ways to save in 2022

The degree hasn’t offered a physical coupon ( Print or Mailed) since 2014 because they have moved to Digital Coupons

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Degree Coupons - cash Back

Get Cash Back with Degree Deodorant

You will usually find Degree Coupons Digitally on the Checkout 51 mobile app!

I would show you the link, but unfortunately, Degree is only found on the mobile app link itself, and you will have to log in from your mobile phone.

Right now, you have the following offers.

  • Earn $1.00 Cash Back on Degree Aluminum FREE Deodorant
  • Earn $1.00 Cash Back on Degree Spray Deodorant

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Finding Degree Deodorant on Sale

Search your flyers online for Degree – You can use mobile apps like Reebee, Flipp,  and probably more! We did a great post on all the different mobile apps to save money on the Canadian Way, which will better explain each one!

But if you are on a desktop computer: you can also try Salewhale!

On these programs: Search the brand name, In this case: “Degree.”

and it will show you all the flyers with the Product Degree on sale

Degree on sale in Canada


All Flyers usually rotate every three months, so if you miss a Degree deodorant at an excellent price, try again and be on the lookout!

Prices in Canada on Degree


Across Canada, there can be flex in prices and differences between chains of stores. Here’s a sampling of what you can get online

Walmart Canada ( Ontario) 

  • Degree Women 0% Aluminum Revitalizing Botanicals Deodorant 74 g Regular $4.97 and can be found on Rollback for $4.47
  • Degree Women Endure Dry Spray AntiperspirantRegular $4.97 and can be found on Rollback for $4.47

Real Canadian Superstore (Western Prices)

  • DegreeInvisible Mens Deodorant Sport, White Flowers and Lychee48 g $3.79 regular
  • Men’s Deodorant, Cool Impact 85 g $3.28ea or sale at 2 for $5.00


Best Time to Find Deodorant on Sale

At this time of year, many consumers are looking for ways to save a little money while still fulfilling their needs. In several locations around the country, gas prices have been reaching an all-time high and keeping track of exchange rates can be a headache. Many consumers turn to sales and coupons to save money on essentials. But with so many different products available, it cannot be easy to know where to start. If it’s the Month of August or September – This is usually when you find one of the year’s lowest prices in a flyer during a Back to school sale!