Charmin Coupons are usually available a few times a year, but the higher value coupons, as found below, will quickly disappear! So make sure you get yours today!

Charmin toilet paper bear

Charmin Coupons

  • Save $3.00 when you buy any ONE Charmin Product.

Excludes trial/travel size, value/gift/bonus packs.

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If you can’t find this product on sale in your local area: Walmart has Charmin 6 Triple rolls for $6.97, so you can save over 40% off using this coupon without a deal.

Charmin Canada always has excellent promotions of one sort or another! Don’t forget to apply for the Charmin Toilet Paper Extender. 

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    Charmin Savings with Pricing

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    Walmart Canada

    • Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper | 8 Triple Rolls,220 Sheets Per Roll $11.79
    • Charmin Toilet Paper Ultra Soft I 6 Triple Rolls, 213 sheets per roll $6.97

    Real Canadian Superstore

    • CharminUltra Strong Toilet Paper 12 Mega Rolls12 ea $12.98
    • Charmin toilet Paper Soft,24 equals 96 Rolls24 ea $29.98ea

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    Charmin Long Lasting

    Charmin Toilet Paper

    Charmin consistently delivers when it comes to quality and softness.  Their rolls are designed to last longer than cheaper brands. The combination of comfort and durability makes Charmin a go-to choice among Canadians who want something dependable that will last them through each roll.

    Charmin offers several different types of rolls; Ultra Strong, Ultra Soft, Sensitive, Double Plus Soft, Family Mega Roll Plus, and Super Mega Roll Plus options.

    Quality doesn’t have to mean high prices; Charmin offers excellent value without breaking the bank! You won’t have to worry about running out again soon because Charmin offers a variety of toilet paper rolls at affordable prices.