17 Ugly Christmas Sweaters to Choose from

Where can I buy an ugly Christmas sweater In Canada

Get Ready for Xmas with Ugly Sweaters! In previous years, we would have an Ugly sweater party. Still, for the 2020 Xmas season, it doesn’t look like Canada will be gathering much this holiday season, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look awesome for our zoom meetings, the office or even Xmas morning or dinner family photos. After all, we can always wear those ugly Christmas sweaters in Canada for perhaps Christmas 2021 Holiday parties.

But we can always create our own Christmas fun and have Ugly Christmas Sweater day at work or during December! If there’s a will, there’s a way to wear an ugly Christmas sweater; find not only hideous sweaters but some casual not so ugly sweaters, depending on the style you are looking for.

Where is the best place to buy ugly Christmas sweaters in Canada?

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Women’s Ugly Christmas Sweaters


Hockey Fan – Montreal Canadian Ugly Sweater

Attention Hockey Moms or Just Hockey Fan Women! If you are wanting a High-Quality Ugly Hockey Christmas Sweater, Here it is; drive the guys crazy this year in this V Neck Ugly Hockey Sweater! It’s from Hudon Bay with a Price tag of $75.00 this Christmas season. Free Shipping on orders over $99

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Reindeer Red Ugly sweater

 Christmas Knit Sweater Patterns Reindeer Snowflakes

As far as an ugly Christmas sweater go, this sweater is pretty tame by comparison; it’s a bit loud, but not that bad. It has a few bad reviews on Amazon, but it’s about a 50/50% split on the quality and satisfaction of people owning this sweater.  Has a price of $34.99 this year. Free Shipping on orders over $35

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Oh Deer Ugly Xmas Sweater in Red

Oh Deer, Xmas shirt in Red

Perfect for the Teenager in your household. It is all women’s sizes. This loud Oh Deer ugly Christmas sweater Sweater can be easily pulled off for any Christmas Sweater Day at School this 2020 holiday season!  Has a price of $19 at Ardene’s. Free Shipping on orders over $50

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UglyElf on a Shelf Christmas Sweater

Touch My Elf Ugly Christmas off the Shoulder Christmas Sweater

If you want a little put a little naughty in this year’s photos, this off the shoulder naughty Christmas sweater will do the trick.  “When I think of you, I touch my elf.”  It’s has a price of $51.00 with an additional $10 shipping fee on amazon.ca. Reviewers said it has fleece on the inside, and all agreed on the good quality, but sizing reviews varied a bit on this Christmas sweater.

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HM Ugly Reindeer Sweatshirt

Too Late to Be Good Xmas Sweater!

H&M has this adorable Cool Reindeer Ugly Sweatshirt with a hood. It says “Too Late to be Good” with a Height chart behind him! The Christmas Sweatshirt is Red in Colour and is priced at $14.99, and I am sure you can find it in the H&M store as well.

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Reindeer Cardigan Ugly Sweater

The Not So Ugly Sweater Cardigan

I am totally going to order this Cardigan! It has pockets, and you can choose to button or leave it open! It’s a duo purpose; you can pull it off as an Ugly Sweater day at the office or wear it daily during December. It would be perfect if you are like me and always a bit cold with a darn draft above my chair!  It’s shipped from China, but delivery times and shipping dates work out okay. No complaints on Amazon about quality, to consider sizing as it can be worn as a button-up, so consider the sizing if you have big hips to shoulder women ratio.  $51.00 is the price plus $8.00 for shipping! I love the red border and black reindeer.

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Ugly Christmas Dresses

Xmas Christmas Dress Ugly Sweater Party dress

Xmas Christmas Ugly Sweater Dress

Check out this New ugly Sweater Dress, Women! Wear it sexy, or wear it with leggings as a long sweater! It is meant to fit snug, so depending on your conformity level as a woman, order a size up as there are complaints about the sleeves and shoulders fitting tight! The price is  $38.00 Canadian with Free Prime Shipping, so shop today at the Amazon store.

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Ugly Christmas Sweater Dress as a Mini Present

Hooded Mini Present Ugly Christmas Dress

A little Naughty with this short Christmas Present Xmas gift would be best too easy to pull off for any ugly Xmas Sweater Day at school or office wear if you put legging on with this short dress. Priced at $26.00 Canadian at Ardene’s shop

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Plus Size Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Plus Size Ugly Sweater - Resting Grinch Face

Grinch Plus Sized Ugly Sweater – Funny 

We’ve all heard the term “Resting B**tch Face” Well, a little play on words, and We have this cute fun women’s sweater that’s not so real ugly – more of a cute “ugly” plus-size women Christmas sweater! Depending on the women’s plus-size Range of sweater price is $19.00 to $29.00 and may depend on sizing needs. Find these offers on Amazon.ca.

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Plus size Light Up Ugly Christmas Shirt

Plus-size Women’s Pom Pom Christmas Sweater

This Pom Pom Sweater is not just Ugly; it is Busy!  Adorable with Christmas tree, snowman stacked on each other on a black background and red sleeve cuffs. It would be adorable for a family photo with Santa  Plus size is up to 4Xl for women and is from Warehouse One. Priced in Canada at $49.99

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Men’s Ugly Christmas Sweater

Men's Ugly Christmas Sweater Llama

Men’s Ugly Sweater – Llama Scarf!

It’s deafening a unique sweater, but the giant Llama really sticks out with his cute little scarf! According to Amazon Reviews, this cute ugly Llama sweater fits a bit lose. Perhaps to order a size down than normal, depending on you, would like it to fit! No complaints about the quality at all. So Shop at Amazon today for this collection of Llama clothing.

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Ugly Sweater hockey Mans Winnipeg Jets

Men’s Ugly Winnepeg Jets Holiday Sweater

Here is a great Holiday festive Christmas Season Sweater for Men, which isn’t so Ugly but would make a great office or any day of the week during the winter season. It’s not too loud, but it is festive and is perfect for the Jets Hockey Fan! It’s not a frugal gift. The colour is blue only, and I believe it’s exclusive to the Bay, Priced at $90.00 at the Bay. Hopefully, it will come on sale before the season ends.

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Kiss Fans Ugly Sweater Tshirt


Men’s Merry MissMas ugly Tshirt 

If you have a man in your life who has adored Kiss the band for decades, Perhaps someone on your list has a Kiss collecting of clothing. This is the perfect Xmas holiday new tee shirt for him to Rock out on! Especially if he is not a typical sweater guy! There is a few complaints about the quality, but not a bunch about sizing.  When in doubt, always go up a size is my philosophy! Priced at $30.00, and is shipped from exclusive to Amazon.ca and is printed in the USA. Free Shipping on orders over $35 for these offers.

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Mens Ugly Sweater Grinch Hoodie

The Grinch Men’s Ugly Sweater Hoodie!

It’s loud and obnoxious, and I’m sure any hoodie lover will adore this product this holiday season! This Christmas sweater comes in Kids sizes as Well.

Warning its China Made, its best to order a few sizes larger than normal according to the negative information found in the comments.  It’s has a $31.99 price tag on it. The only colour it’s available in is green.

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Kids Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Kids Ugly Sweater Character legs

Kids Applique Sweater with Legs

This is an adorable sweater with what looks to be created with quality! I’m sure this sweater can last a year or so! It has a snowman, reindeer and Santa Claus with hanging legs.  It has a sale price tag of $29.99  at H&M and is teal in colour. Would be totally cute in any family photo or if there’s an opportunity, a Santa photo

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Girls Loud Reindeer Ugly Christmas Sweater

Girls Loud Reindeer Ugly Sweater

This is a fun, Very loud, and obnoxious Sweater, any girl, would love! It’s got red and green pom poms and decorated to be very Stand out in the crowd type loud! It would be an adorable Kids ugly sweater to wear for any holiday photo collection done this year of 2020. From Hudson Bay and has a sale price tag at $36. Shop today to get this product.

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Team Santa

Unisex Kids 2020 Christmas Shirt!

The Children’s Place has tons of Graphic Shirts that could be worn for the Xmas holidays, including ones that don’t have the year 2020 put on them; depending on you feel about this year, whether it be bad or terrible, it will be a year that will go down in history Get this graphic Xmas shirt for $7.49 from the Children’s Place.

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