Here are some of the free recipe books we have found over time! If you love a free download of getting man recipes at once, you will enjoy many of these free mini cookbooks that will inspire you on different dishes to cook and meals for kids who will eat vegetables.

Free Cookbooks to Download

Reci[pe Tin Eats free cookbook display

Recipe Tin Eats

Recipe Tin Eats is the project of Jen, an Australian blogger and foods enthusiast. Recipe Tin Eats began to share easy recipes using ingredients that are readily available at supermarkets. Recipes include photos and clear instructions, so you know exactly what you need to do!



Spice Blend

Spice Blend believes that anyone can be a fabulous cook and that cooking should be fun and easy.  They are passionate about making cuisine delicious and simple and want you to have confidence in the kitchen to explore more recipes.  Currently has 16 Cookbooks to download for FREE!

Good Eats Cookbook

Lee Ann Brown

Lee Ann Brown has a Great Cookbook that has been downloaded thousands of times over the years. If you want to eat well and on the Cheap, She has some great ideas that will inspire you to make inexpensive food for your Family.  Also, there is a Fan Page Cookbook if you want more taste of frugal!

Maple Lodge

Maple Lodge created their free book a few years ago for Free that we have promoted over the years. It’s filled with great Holiday recipe ideas. This free recipe book has a wide range of recipes, all featuring the Maple Lodge Farms products. There is no other site that offers this extensive collection of recipes and valuable information in one place! You will not be disappointed with how much you can learn from their free cookbook.

Keep The Beat

Keep the Beat This is an excellent free cookbook that has more than 380 recipes for all occasions. Keep the Beat Recipes are easy to follow, affordable and tasty.


BC Living

BC Living always is giving away a Free Cookbook to download! They range from Holiday cookies to general recipes.



Ikea Food Scraps Cookbook is all about not wasting food! There are many great ideas on using scraps that we would typically throw out to reuse and eat.  We also have promoted IKEA’s cookbook over the years.

Beans Cookbook

Ontario Beans

Better With Beans – Has 12 Cookbooks for you to download for Free! Beans are generally cheap and last forever; if you want to eat more beans, these books will open up your mind to the world of beans!

Potatoe People

Vegan on the Cheap is a great cookbook for those just venturing into eating less meat or for New Vegans wanting to find ways to cook vegan a bit cheaper.


Tastes of Home – has tons of Recipes from around the world in this beautiful cookbook collection. Recipes are from Africa, the Middle East and more from actual Refugees from around the world who have settled in Canada.


How to find an Old Fashioned Free Recipe Book

Sloans Cookbook

Duke University

Duke University – Has 82 Pioneer Cookbooks to download for Free! If you want to research old-fashioned recipes, Here’s a good chance you can cook something that your Great Grandma made back in history. 

People have been writing about cooking for a long time. There are many different cookbooks and manuals about cooking dating back to 1851. You can find many old cookbooks in libraries and museums for free. I’m sure you can find something to put on your table that tastes great and is a bit of a surprise of how foods were once prepared. 


How to Find Recipe Videos


Recipe Videos


Food – All of your favourite Cooking Shows on one Channel! Many partial videos can also be found on youtube; maybe you can follow one of Canada’s Famous Chefs! Many videos include ingredients and directions needed. 



Costco Your Way

Costco has several videos on how to cook dinner quickly and efficiently, including desserts and drinks.  Speaking of Costco – Here’s Tips on What to Buy from Costco 


Tipsy Bartender

Tipsy has tons of youtube recipes on cocktails and drinks. If you want to make great drinks with fruits and wine, here’s a great collection to watch on video. I’m sure you will find a new recipe or many recipes to try for your next get-together. 

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