Earls Restaurants in Canada can be found in most cities across Canada; it’s a great place to gather in groups for any get-togethers or meetings you want to have! It’s usually an excellent dine-in experience with fabulous fresh food to enjoy! If you are into having wine with a giant salad, this is the restaurant of choice! I know many workout people who prefer this restaurant based on the Earl Restaurant menu filled with healthy choices!

With a Weird 2021 year, Give the Gift of Food!

Earls Bonus Gift Card

Earl’s Restaurant Savings!

Earl’s Restaurants have a take-out option, and if you order online, you can save 10% off! 

Purchase a $50.00 Earls Restaurant gift card, and you will receive a Free $10.00 Bonus Gift Card! This offer is only available online to purchase!

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Offer ends December 25, 2021

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Earls Restaurant Delivery!

Use Skip the Dishes to get Earl’s kitchen and bar food choices to your door! Choose from several good menu choices online to order for yourself or your family!  The hours of operation are quite convenient and late, so if you end up working late and want a chicken salad, you can order in the evening!

Earls Kitchen restaurant food chain has been around in Canada for a long time, including one of its first restaurants in the Vancouver location, where you can order brunch, lunch and dinner dishes

Dine-In Experience

Book ahead and reserve a table online for the ultimate dining experience, especially if you have a family of 5 or more, so you can reserve the best available table for the night! You can phone in your reservation, or you can book a dining table online the same day!  Booking a dinner reservation is the best way to have a better experience for most customers because Earl’s kitchen can be sure to have the appropriate amount of staff to serve the bar and all the dishes in a timely fashion.  This business wants a happy customer!