Everything you need to know when returning items at Old Navy.

Everyone hates to return items, and well we make it easy to help you glance at the topics instead of digging through an extended old navy return policy,


2023 Old Navy return policy is valid for 30 days

Old Navy has a 30-day return policy for both online and in-store purchases. For online purchases, the return window begins on the day the item is shipped.



What Happens if I miss the 30-Day Mark?

Old Navy only accepts returns with a receipt within 30 days of purchase, after which store credit is the only option.

However, the decision ultimately lies with the manager, which may lead to potential disappointment.

Checking if Old Navy still has the item in stock would be beneficial.

Typically, the selling price will be given to you as merchandise credit.


Old Navy Canada Bags


Do I Need My Receipt to Make a Return at Old Navy Canada?

A receipt is usually necessary, but there may be exceptions.

Don’t worry if you’ve misplaced your receipt: at Old Navy, you only need to provide the credit or debit card used for the purchase to receive a replacement item of different size and colour. Even without proof of ownership, they’ll still reward with store credit equal to today’s price!


The Item of Return should still be on the Rack.

If you try to return an item without a receipt, and Old Navy doesn’t currently stock it, you’ll have to hope the store manager will still accept your article, especially if it’s a gift and there is no way for the old Navy to track the purchase.


Can you Make an Old Navy return without tags?

Old Navy’s return policy allows for returning items without tags, provided the thing does not look worn or washed.

If you go home and decide the item doesn’t fit or work with an outfit and only wear it for a few minutes, a return should hopefully still be accepted.

If you are only exchanging an item for a different colour or size and it looks to be in a new condition, you should be able to do without a tag.


 Online purchases Can Be Returned at Old Navy in-store

You can return an item purchased online at an Old Navy store, but you won’t be able to mail an item in the mail if you bought the item in-store. It’s a Way Door.


Gift Returns are issued in store credit at Old Navy Canada

Old Navy does not offer cash refunds for gift returns, regardless of whether or not you have a receipt. Instead, you can receive a gift card.

Ore – even if it is online. Even though stores like Gap and Banana Republic may have almost identical rewards programs, returning items they have acquired initially matters significantly.


Clearance and “Final Sale” Items are Non-Returnable

Clearance items are returnable, but final sale items are NOT returnable. All Sales are Final.

Old Navy Return Policy on giftcards

Can I return an Old Navy Gift Card?

When returning a gift card, the value is credited back to the original payment method, which may include the credit card used for the initial purchase price.


No Returns for worn items at Old Navy.

Be aware that If the item looks worn or washed, The store may not accept your return even with the tag still attached.




Does Old Navy Track My Returns?

Yes, Old Navy tracks all returns by asking for a photo ID to identify problems with their policy and take advantage of them. It is possible to get banned from getting a return in the future if the company suspects you were taking advantage of the return policy.


How Long Does It Take For Refund?

Refunds typically take 1 – 3 to clear on debit cards, which may take up to 5 business days for credit cards.

Call customer service at 800-653-6289 if you have issues, especially when on Mailed refunds which can sometimes take longer than in-store refunds.


How Old Navy tackles Online Jean return

Old Navy released an online Denim Fit Guide to help customers find a better fit for denim pants and shop online.

The Denim Guide is available in the Countries USA and Canada.


Returns are Different for the Holiday Season

Shopping at Old Navy during the holiday season is even more convenient as they extend their 30-day return policy. From November until the end of December, customers have additional time to make returns and exchanges on items purchased – perfect for those looking to buy thoughtful gifts that may need exchanging!


What Items Are Not accepted as Returns at Old Navy?

There are items, once purchased, that cannot be returned

  • Worn Items
  • Swimwear without tags
  • Final sale items
  • Items no longer sold in-store


People Also Ask these Questions


Can you return things to Old Navy that you bought online

Yes, you can return online purchases to any local Old Navy Store


Can you return Old Navy items to any Old Navy?

Yes, If you purchase at an Old Navy store at one location, you can return an item at another site based on all the other policy rules.


What happens to Old Navy cash if you return items?

Returns of merchandise purchased with a Super Cash coupon will not result in a refund or credit for the discount value. Super Cash coupons are non-refundable and cannot be applied to prior purchases.


How to Call old navy customer service in Canada

If you’re returning a gift card, the value is credited to the original form of payment, such as the credit card used for the purchase.

Canada By phone: 1-800-653-6289.