No Frills Contest: Aisles of Glory

No Frills Contest Aisles of Glory



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No Frills Contest

No Frills has had a few contests this year, but the Aisles of Glory contest game is the most anticipated No frills contest of the year!

Aisles of Glory Contest at No Frills

As in the previous years of this contest, you will be awarded Pc Optimum points for just playing. There are different tiers of rewards of optimum points to win.

The Prizes

How to Enter

Play the Game, Collect items in your cart. The more items you pick up and avoid the hazards, the more points you collect

Win up to 1000 PC optimum points depending on your score of items in your “haul”

The Higher your score the Higher of PC optimum points you can earn!


You need to run around the store using the arrow keys, and collect the above items!


And Avoid Frills!

You only get 3 Lives!


And don’t be surprised if you completely suck at this game the first time around! You will win a minimum of 500 points

If you score over 15000 points you can earn 750 PC points

and if you score over 50,000 points you can earn a 1000 PC pc points

Then you will need to enter your PC optimum card Number and wait up to 14 days for the points to show up on your account.


BONUS! Use the Hauler Code 50FIN to receive a Free power-up!




Contest Rules:

  • Canadian Residents
  • Age of Majority
  • Quebec Friendly
  • Daily Entry

Click Here to Enter 

Contest Ends September 17, 2020, or when 200,000,000 have been given away.




About No Frills:

No Frills is actually part of the Loblaws chain in Canada. It’s following are other chains involved: Real Canadian Superstore, Extra Foods, Loblaws, Independent, just to name a few.

No Frills Stores are usually Independently owned, and the stores will help out local programs in your town, or city.

No Frills Rewards Points:

You can use PC Optimum points and PC optimum coupons at No Frills and if you would like to earn more PC Optimum points read this post to Join PC Insider Group

Bag Your Own Groceries

No Frills does require you to bag your own groceries, as well you will need to pay $0.05 per plastic bag if you do not bring in your own bags to pack your groceries in.

I’m always surprised at what a deal-breaker this is for so many people. Some people really want the full experience, and want the full service.

What are your thoughts on No Frills Stores?

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No Frills Contest Aisles of Glory


  1. Playing the game but opportunity to claim the points is not offered. Wondering why the game doesn’t allow the collection of points after playing


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