What is No Frills Price Match?

No Frills Price Match is a policy that allows shoppers to save money on the items they purchase from No Frills stores. The policy guarantees that customers will get the best price possible. If an identical item is found at another store for a lower price, No Frills will match the lower price and give the customer the difference in cash or store credit. This policy helps to ensure that customers get the best value for their money.

How Does No Frills Price Adjustment Policy Work?

To use the policy, present a flyer or advertisement showing a lower price on an identical item from another store. A No Frills employee will verify the lower price and adjust your purchase accordingly.



No Frills Price Match Policy Explained | No Frills Price Match policy



Advantages of No Frills Price Match Policy

The main advantage of this program is that customers can get lower prices on their groceries. This means that they can save money and stretch their budget further. In addition, the program makes it easier for customers to shop because they know they are getting the best price.

Another advantage of the No Frills Price Match Promise is that customers can access more products and brands. Instead of going to the Major Supermarket Competitors to find their desired outcome, customers can have it all available at No Frills. This saves time and effort on your end.



Lowest Price

Get the Lowest Price

No Frills is a unique supermarket chain that allows customers to save money through its Price policy. This policy will enable customers to match an item with prices from other supermarkets, meaning No Frills can offer lower prices than other stores.

Customers can take advantage of the lower prices by scanning their items at the register and showing proof of another supermarket’s lower price, after which No Frills will match the price and provide savings for the customer.


This ability to shop around for better prices without leaving your local No Frills store provides customers with a significant opportunity to save money. In addition, since it only takes a few seconds to prove you found a lower price somewhere else, you don’t have to wait in long lines or wait for special sales, meaning more convenience and saving time and money.


No Frills is committed to providing quality products at affordable prices. The in-store price match Claim policy guarantees customers the best deal at No Frills.


Easier Shopping Experience

No Frills Price Match makes it easier for customers to shop. With the price adjustment policy, customers can search flyers online; if they find a better price, they can ask for a price match at No Frills.

This saves time and effort, as shopping at several stores is unnecessary.

No Frills Price Match Policy Explained | No Frills Price Match policy


Loyalty Programs and Digital Flyer Offerings

No Frills also offers a variety of loyalty programs and digital flyer offerings that can help customers save time and money. The loyalty program allows customers to earn points on every purchase, which can be redeemed for rewards such as discounts on future purchases.

The digital flyer will enable customers to view No Frills’ latest specials online and sign up for email notifications when new flyers are released. This makes it easier for customers to stay up-to-date on what No Frills offers. The digital flyer also helps customers save money by providing exclusive online deals that can’t be found in-store.


Time-Saving Benefits

No Frills Price Match offers customers numerous time-saving benefits. With the price Comparison policy, customers can quickly scan their items at the register to show proof of another supermarket’s lower price and get a price match from No Frills. This eliminates the need to shop around at multiple stores and wait in long lines or for special sales, saving time and money.


Support for Canadian Retailers

No Frills Price Policy is committed to supporting Canadian retailers. By offering lower prices than other stores, No Frills helps customers save money while supporting local businesses.


This encourages customers to shop locally and keep small businesses in their community. By providing access to more variety of products and brands, No Frills can help Canadian retailers reach more customers.\


Lowblaws became more popular when Walmart Stopped their Price Matching in 2020

No Frills Price Match Policy Explained | No Frills Price Match policy



Disadvantages of No Frills Price Policy

While there are many advantages to using the No Frills Price Matching policy, it is crucial to consider some of the potential drawbacks of this program.

For example, customers may not always be able to find the item they are looking for at a lower price. They will need to purchase the item at its regular price.

Additionally, customers may not always be able to find a store that offers the item at a lower price. In such cases, customers may need to purchase the item at its regular price from No Frills.

Finally, some stores may not Price Match at some stores. So customers must check with their No Frills location before taking advantage of this policy.



Geographical Trade Restrictions

No Frills Price Match may come with certain geographical trade restrictions. Customers should be aware of these restrictions before they attempt to use the No Frills Price Match program.

For example, some stores may not offer price Difference policy in specific locations or across provincial borders.

Some stores may only match prices from other stores within their chain. Customers should check the store’s price Difference policy before using the No Frills Price Difference program.


Identical Product Requirement

No Frills Price Match requires customers to purchase an identical product for a discount by making a Price Comparison. This means that customers must provide proof of the lower price from another store for the EXACT same item or brand.

Furthermore, the item must be in stock at both stores and not on clearance at either store. This requirement helps ensure that customers can get the best deal available and the local store not lose money.

Time of Purchase Limitations

No Frills Competitive Price policy may also come with time-of-purchase limitations. Customers should know that the price may only be available for a limited period and usually has to be the current flyer for both stores.

Customers should know that some stores do not discount a price difference for items purchased during sales or promotional periods on specific Grocery store prices – like a Buy 3 Save $2.00, as no price is attached to the deal. Therefore No Frills employees will most likely deny the comparison.


No Frills do rainchecks?

No Frills does not offer rainchecks on any items,

Does the No-Frills price match with Superstore?

Yes, No Frills. Will the Price match with Superstore? Customers can scan their items at the register and show proof of the Superstore’s lower price to receive a price match from No Frills, as long as the “Superstore” is considered local to the area.

Does no-frills price match with food basics?

Yes, No Frills stores. Customers can scan their items at the register and show proof of Food Basics’ lower price to receive a price match from No Frills.

Can I use PC points at no-frills?

Yes, you can use PC Points at No Frills. Customers can collect PC points with every purchase and use them to save money on their next shopping trip.

 Does the No Frills price match Policy include online Prices?

Yes, No Frills will Price Match online using a flyer app. Just be sure there is a competitive store near their policy. You can’t use an NFLD flyer if you are in Ontario or vice versa. Customers must provide proof of the lower price from another store for the same item or brand to receive a price match.  You can skip the paper flyers using Price Comparison Apps such as Flipp or Reebee.

Can you Price Match and use a Coupon?

Occasionally, it’s possible to save some money by price matching and utilizing coupons or cashback offers. However, with the consistent increase in grocery prices, these coupons or cashback offers may not always result in a significant 80% savings on every grocery trip, despite what some Influencers on Tiktok or Instagram may suggest. Nevertheless, utilizing Price Match Apps and No Frills Price Guarantee may help save up to 20% on a weekly basis, especially for those residing in major cities.