, 13 Wendy’s Copycat Recipes



Wendy’s is famous for a lot of things.  From their chilli to their frosty, there is a lot to love about the place.

Wendy’s was started in the 1960s by Dave Thomas in Ohio. He named the place after his daughter, Wendy, of course. He opened the store as a way to serve fresh, made to order burgers as many fast food places at the time no longer did that practice. According to the website for Wendy’s, the Chili and frosty have been on the menu since the very first Wendy’s opened.

Some of the restaurant’s menu items are really heavily sought after in recipe form. The chilli has an almost cult-like following. Did you know that you can make yours hotter by simply asking for the secret chilli sauce?

So if you are hoping to create some fast food at home from your favourite place, sit back and take in these copycat recipes and enjoy! There are old favourites that are not even on the menu anymore, as well as new favourites!  There is sure to be something for each member of your family on this list of delicious copycat recipes.

13 Mouth-Watering Wendy’s Copycat Recipes


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