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Harveys Free Frings

Nothing says “yum” like getting fed for 100% free! And this is what this fast food joint loves to do. There are two offers you can get through Harvey’s fast food joint.

  • Sign up today with Harvey’s and get a Coupon for a Free pkg of FRINGS (Combo of onion rings/french fries)
  • Plus Also you will get a FREE Burger on Your Birthday!

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    What are Harvey’s frings?

    harveys free frings

    Well, it’s a combination of French Fries Meets Onion Rings! It is a basket box with 1/2 french fries and 1/2 Onion Rings.

    If you haven’t tasted Harvey’s fries, they are potatoes cut fries, and their onion rings are pretty decent as well.

    Harveys Onion Rings are always made fresh, served nice and hot. These crispy onion rings are so thin and crisp that you can eat them with your fingers! The taste of the onions is infused into the breading for a delicious flavour. The onion ring coating is so thin that it almost melts in your mouth. This makes Harvey’s Onion Rings one of the best-tasting onion rings available!

    Harveys is well known for their Condiment Selection, so you can easily find something to dip your fries and onion rings in





    What’s the Normal Harveys Frings Price in Canada

    Frings is typical $4.49 in restaurants around Canada

    How many calories does Harvey’s frings have!

    Don’t go if you are calorie Counting; a typical order of Fringes will have approximately 600 calories