Snuggle Fabric Softener: The name just about says it all.

Snuggly makes me think of cozy, warm, fuzzy, soft, etc. So if you want your clothing to feel like this, why not give Snuggle Fabric Softener a try by using a Snuggle Coupons?

It’s not just about the softness but the wonderful scent as well. There is just something about the smell of Snuggle that makes you take a deep breath and sigh. Mmm…mmm…good.

However, the liquid version does not smell as lovely as the dryer sheets.

Snuggle Coupons for Canada

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Snuggle Products

Snuggle also has an Amazon store Front – If you are a massive user of Snuggle products, you may want to watch out for snuggle coupons on Amazon as sometimes you can find clips and save.

Plus, on, you can subscribe and save.

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    Snuggle Fabric Care Prices in Canada


    Walmart Canada ( Ontario Prices)

    • Snuggle Liquid Fabric Softener, Cuddle-Up Fresh  ( 140 loads) $11.97

    Real Canadian Superstore ( Western Provinces Prices)

    • SnuggleFabric Softener, Cuddle-Up Fresh 3.41 l (140 loads) $12.98
    • Fabric Softener, Cuddle-Up Fresh 1.47L ( 60 loads) $6.98
    • SNUGGLE Cuddle Up Fresh Sheets (200 counts) $10.98
    • SNUGGLE Exhilarations Sweet Blossom Lavender Blossom 439 g $6.48ea


    The Snuggle Bear

    We cannot mention this brand without talking about that adorable little beige bear that will steal your heart from the moment you see him.

    He is just the cutest little thing.

    If anyone in cyberland can point me in the right direction to find a Snuggle Bear to purchase, that would be fantastic. I have searched the net over and over with little success.

    New Scent Boosters

    Pop them in your wash to boost your laundry’s fresh scent. It gives a long-lasting fresh scent for days in just a little pack.