This holiday craft is a great one to do with the kiddos and will serve as a reminder of their little hands for holidays to come. These Kid’s Fingerprint Snowman Votive Holders are easy to make and not only are a fun craft for kids but great for gift giving as well. Take a look below at how to make your own with your children.

Kid’s Fingerprint Snowman Votive Holder

Supplies needed:


  • Small glass votive holder
  • Craft paint
  • Paintbrush
  • A votive candle or battery-operated votive candle

We were able to find all of the above supplies at our local dollar store, making this not only a fun project but a very frugal one as well. Before you buy, you may even want to check around the home to see if you have any of these supplies already. They are fairly common, so the chances are good that you might!


1. Begin by applying some paint to your child’s fingers. You will want to use white since this will be the body of the snowman.
2. Carefully press and hold their painted finger to the glass. Allow the paint to dry completely.
3. Using your paintbrush, add accents to the snowman such as dots for eyes and a mouth. You can also use orange for a nose if you wish. Use any contrasting colours you would like to create other features such as a hat or scarf. Note in our photo the snowman has a dash of purple on him. My daughter wanted her snowman’s scarf to be “flying off in the wind” and so it is sort of randomly placed in the picture. Whatever works!
4. Allow plenty of time to dry (some natural crackling may occur as shown in the process) before placing a votive inside.
5. Optional…if you wish you can coat your votive holder with a clear varnish such as Mod Podge to seal the paint on well and provide a protective coating.
Now all you need to do is wrap this piece up and decide who you want to give it to! These handmade votives are so whimsical, and recipients will love that it reminds them of the child’s tiny hands. We even dated ours underneath with a permanent marker so we could always remember when we made them.

DIY Kid’s Fingerprint Snowman Votive Holder |

Give this simple do-it-yourself a try and see what frugal and festive votive holders you can come up with!

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